At IWA Publishing,  we feel it is important that our authors are able to concentrate on the content of their book. So we provide useful guidelines that will help you to produce your manuscript.  Once your manuscript is submitted, it will be converted in to the correct layout and format.  We wish to ensure that the publication process is as smooth as possible and you can download a copy of the guidelines here.

For any other inquiry please contact our mhammond [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Writing%20Plans) (Book Editor) to discuss your current writing plans.

Copyright and Artwork Permissions

It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain permission to use copyright material in their work, whether artwork, tables or text. Also note that material found on the internet is not necessarily in the public domain. You must acknowledge all content, which has been previously published. A standard Permission Request Form  is supplied by IWA Publishing. All completed permissions correspondence should be included on delivery of your manuscript

Requesting Permission to reproduce material from IWA Publishing

We do not charge other publishers or organizations for permission to reproduce material however we set conditions that the work is sourced correctly and that authors are acknowledged properly.

This allows IWA Publishing to take care of the authors’ interests and to ensure that the origin of the work is documented and so ensure best practice.

We fully understand that work may appear in other forms and in other media.  In most cases, we are delighted to encourage authors to reuse some of their material with appropriate reference to the book title, author and publisher.

A standard Permission Request Template is available here.

All completed permissions correspondence should be included on delivery of a final manuscript.

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