IWA Publishing Open Access books are made available as Ebooks and print editions can be purchased. Our first Open Access book was KfW Water Symposium 2009 Financing Sanitation and was published in 2009 as an Ebook and is available to download from :

Other books include Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa: Where do We Stand?, edited by Piers Cross and Yolande Coombes, Faecal Sludge Management: Systems Approach for Implementation and Operation, edited by Linda Strande, Mariska Ronteltap and Damir Brdjanovic, and Leak Detection, edited by Stuart Hamilton and Bambos Charalambous.

Open Access Book proposals

  •  All proposals are treated, from the outset, in the same way as a standard print edition and are taken through the peer review process to ensure we maintain the high quality of books on the IWA Publishing list. Please find our author proposal form here.
  •  Open Access books receive the same editing and production values and include copy-editing, typesetting, proof reading, full -colour cover design and indexing.
  •  The authors/editors and lead contributors receive complimentary copies of the print book.

Open Access Books Fees

Fees for the publication of Open Access books vary according to the number of pages but a book of approximately 120 pages start at around £8,000/ $14,000.  Please contact mhammond [at] iwap [dot] co [dot] uk (subject: Open%20Access%20Books) (Mark Hammond) for further information and details.Discounts are available for authors, editors and contributors for  all books on the IWA Publishing list.

Open Access Books specifications

Open Access publications require two types of licences:

  • An exclusive licensing agreement to be signed by the author, giving IWA Publishing rights to publish and disseminate the paper.
  • A user licence, which determines how readers can use the published paper.

Authors should choose from the following list of Creative Commons user licences. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure the licence selected complies with their funding body’s requirements. Once selected, Creative Commons licences are non-revocable. More information about each licence can be found by clicking on the links provided:


  • Open Access books are published as a PDF file and are DRM free.
  • Authors/Editors and Contributors are free to upload the file to an institutional, discipline-based or personal website, citing the published version.
  • Open Access books are included in Water Intelligence Online - The IWA Publishing Digital Reference Library; and this makes the book immediately available in the library catalogue at leading universities. MARC records are available.
  • Open Access books are included on www.iwapublishing.com; over 200,000 hits per month on our websites, we guarantee great exposure for our publications.
  • Inclusion in Google Books and Google Scholar for online discovery.
  • Inclusion in the Database of Open Access Books (DOAB) .

Marketing and promotion

Open Access books receive the same level of marketing and publicity enjoyed by all of our books including Social Media, Direct Mail, IWAP Websites, IWAWaterWiki, Conferences and Exhibitions, Advertising and Reviews.  For more detailed information please visit our marketing and publicity link.


For our policy on Open Access for Journal papers please follow this link.

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