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This book provides an updated evaluation of the characterization and management of taste and odour (T&O) in source and drinking waters. Authored by international experts from the IWA Specialist Group on Off-flavours in the Aquatic Environment, the book represents an important resource that synthesizes current knowledge on the origins, mitigation, and management of aquatic T&O problems. The material provides new knowledge for an increasing widespread degradation of source waters and global demand for high quality potable water. Key topics include early warning, detection and source-tracking, chemical, sensory and molecular diagnosis, treatment options for common odorants and minerals, source management, modelling and risk assessment, and future research directions.

Taste and Odour in Source and Drinking Water is directed towards a wide readership of scientists, engineers, technical operators and managers, and presents both practical and theoretical material, including an updated version of the benchmark Drinking Water Taste and Odour Wheel and a new biological wheel to provide a practical and informative tool for the initial diagnosis of the chemical and biological sources of aquatic T&O. 

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Introduction; Off-Flavours in Water Update of the Drinking Water Wheel; Biological Production of Taste and Odour Compounds- Molecular Biology and Taxonomy; Advances in Sensory Measurement Determinations; Advances in Analytical and Monitoring Methods; Monitoring Methods for Biological Sources; Management of Taste and Odour in Source Water; Characterization and Removal of Minerals That Cause Taste; Removal of Odourants from Drinking Water; Regulations and Standards of Taste and Odour; Risk Management of Public Perception; Challenges and Future Research Directions.

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