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Publication Date: 21/12/2009

Pages: 350

Binding: Hardback

ISBN13: 9781843392255

eISBN: 9781780405797

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Developed from an expert workshop convened by the World Health Organization and US Environmental Protection Agency, Safe Management of Shellfish and Harvest Waters provides a thorough review of the issues surrounding public health concerns associated with shellfish consumption.

The trade and consumption of bivalve shellfish is a global industry and is increasing. Human illness caused by infectious agents transmitted through animal or human sources through shellfish consumption has been recognized for many years. Safe Management of Shellfish and Harvest Waters addresses contaminant sources and means of transmission to bivalve shellfish and where possible, identifies options to interrupt the cycle. The efficacy of current practices is discussed with the aid of case studies written by practitioners working in the field from a number of developed and developing countries. The need for the deployment of new approaches to protect human health from infectious diseases associated with the consumption of contaminated bivalve shellfish is discussed, focusing specifically on water management aspects and strategies.

Safe Management of Shellfish and Harvest Waters provides valuable information on the real health risks posed by shellfish consumption. It distills worldwide experience; identifies the challenges and opportunities that face the industry and suggests responses to those challenges. It provides the scientific basis for regulation and associated monitoring and risk reduction programmes to enable health agencies, water quality and shellfish regulatory agencies and other stakeholders worldwide to control and reduce the existing and potential future infectious disease problems through better management of shellfish waters.

Safe Management of Shellfish and Harvest Waters will be invaluable for health agencies, water quality and shellfish regulatory agencies, and other environmental professionals working in the shellfish industry.

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