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Scientific and Technical Report Series

The Scientific & Technical Report series publishes reports from the IWA Specialist Technical Groups. IWA Publishing is committed to the development of this series and to crystallize the aims of the programme the following mission statement has been set down:


"The IWA Scientific and Technical Report Programme mobilizes international experts to integrate existing knowledge and know-how into published products which can significantly contribute to effective water quality management to the benefit of the international community".


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Sampling for Measurement of Odours - P Gostelow, PJ Longhurst, SA Parsons, RM Stuetz
Publication Date: Jun 2003 - ISBN - 9781843390336
Respirometry in Control of the Activated Sludge Process: Benchmarking Control Strategies - J.B. Copp, H. Spanjers & P.A. Vanrolleghem
Publication Date: Jun 2002 - ISBN - 9781900222518
Anaerobic Digestion Model No.1 (ADM1) - IWA Task Group for Mathematical Modelling of Anaerobic Digestion Processes
Publication Date: Feb 2002 - ISBN - 9781900222785
River Water Quality Model No.1 - P Reichert, D Borchardt, M Henze, W Rauch, P Shanahan, L Somlyody & PA Vanrolleghem
Publication Date: Sep 2001 - ISBN - 9781900222822
Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology - PA Wilderer, RL Irvine, MC Goronszy
Publication Date: Mar 2001 - ISBN - 9781900222211
Activated Sludge Models - The IWA Task Group on Mathematical Modelling for Design and Operation of Biological Wastewater Treatment
Publication Date: Jun 2000 - ISBN - 9781900222242
Constructed Wetlands for Pollution Control - R. Kadlec, R. Knight, J. Vymazal, H. Brix, P. Cooper, R. Haberl
Publication Date: Apr 2000 - ISBN - 9781900222051
Respirometry in Control of the Activated Sludge Process - H. Spanjers, P.A. Vanrolleghem, G. Olsson, P.L. Dold
Publication Date: Jan 1998 - ISBN - 9781900222044
Microbial Community Analysis - TE Cloete, NYO. Muyima
Publication Date: Jan 1997 - ISBN - 9781900222020
Secondary Settling Tanks - G.A. Ekama, J.L. Barnard, F.W. Gunthert, P. Krebs, J.A. McCorquodale, D.S. Parker, E.J. Wahlberg
Publication Date: Jan 1997 - ISBN - 9781900222037