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Please use this form to submit or update your company's details to the-water-resource. The form also collects information for two printed directories, the Corporate Member Services Directory and the Buyers' Guide, both of which appear in the IWA Yearbook.

Inclusion in the IWA Yearbook (Buyers' Guide) and the-water-resource is subject to payment (except IWA Corporate Members). The 2012 advertising rates are GBP530.00 for a company listing and 10 categories, plus GBP55.00 per additional category. IWA Corporate Members can be listed in the IWA Yearbook (Corporate Member Services Directory) and the-water-resource as part of their membership, but can select additional paid-for advertising options (see Part C).

This form consists of three parts:

Part A
You should complete all of this part of the form. It supplies us with general information about your company for your listing.

Part B
This part comprises five sections -

  • Consultancy
  • Contractors
  • Research and Development
  • Suppliers / Manufacturers
  • Training / Courses

Complete those sections describing the commercial services your company provides.

An additional section is provided for IWA Corporate members to provide further details.

Part C
Use this section to specify any advertising options you wish to take advantage of to enhance your company's entry in the-water-resource and in the IWA Yearbook.

FREE careers website listing: also use Part C to provide details of your organisation's careers website. Details will be included in the my-water-career section of our website.

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Part A - General Information

You should complete all of this part of the form. It supplies us with general information about your company for your listing.

Tick here if your company is a Corporate member of IWA
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Part B - Your Company's Products and Services

This part comprises five sections -

  • Consultancy
  • Contractors
  • Research and Development
  • Suppliers / Manufacturers
  • Training / Courses

Complete those sections describing the commercial services your company provides.

An additional section is provided for IWA Corporate members to provide further details.

Consultancy - Skip to next section if not applicable
Aquatic environment
Contaminated land
Drinking water treatment
Flood control
Industry, process water
Industry, wastewater
Receiving waters
River engineering
Sewage treatment
Sewer/drainage networks
Sludge/residuals treatment and disposal
Solid wastes
Water distribution networks
Water resources
Water reuse
Water supply
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Asset management/planning
Contract management
Engineering, civil
Engineering, mechanical/electrical
Engineering, process
Environmental audit
Environmental impact assessment
Expert witness
Human resources
Project Management
Risk assessment
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Contractors - Skip to next section if not applicable
Build, own, operate, etc.
Civil contractor
Construction, wastewater plants
Construction, water treatment plants
Design & construct / turnkey
Mechanical/electrical contractor
Operations & maintenance
Pipeline/network contractor
Process contractor
Sewage treatment operation
Water supply operation
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Research and Development - Skip to next section if not applicable
Facilities / Resources
Computer modelling
Laboratory studies
Mobile test facilities
On-site monitoring
Physical models
Pilot studies
Sample analysis
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Contaminated land
Drinking water treatment
Flood control
Industrial wastewater
Receiving waters
River engineering
Sewage treatment
Sludge treatment and disposal
Solid wastes
Water distribution
Water resources
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Study Types
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Suppliers / Manufacturers - Skip to next section if not applicable
If your company is an IWA Corporate Member, please complete the following text box for inclusion in the IWA Yearbook Corporate Members Service Directory. If your company is not an IWA Corporate Member continue to the tick box section below.

Summary: (40 characters maximum)

Access covers
Activated carbon
Activated sludge plants
Aeration systems, miscellaneous
Alarm equipment
Algae control equipment
Aluminium sulphate
Anaerobic wastewater treatment
Analytical measuring devices
Analytical testing services
Angle transmitter
Antifoam agents
Antiscalants for desalination
Archimedian screw pumps
Backflow preventors
Ball valves - plastic
Biogas plants
Biological filtration
Biowaste digestion
Booster pumps for buildings
Borehole CCTV survey
Borehole geophysical logging
Borehole geophysical surveys
Borehole pipes, tools and rods for drilling and vertical wells
Buried metallic pipe locators
Buried pipe and cable location equipment
Butt fusion machines
Butterfly valves
Calcium carbonate
Calibration vessels
Capillary fittings
Cast iron pipes and accessories
Cathodic protection
Centrifugal pumps
Chemical dosing pumps
Chemical feed apparatus
Chemical handling and storage tanks
Chemical injection lances
Chemical transfer pumps
Chemical treatment of water and sewage
Chemicals for cleaning and disinfection
Chemicals for treatment of water and sewage
Chlorination equipment
Chlorine dioxide generators
Chlorine electrolysis plants
Chlorine gas plants
Chlorine residual measuring devices
Circulating pumps
Cistern plastic
Clamps, pipe joint
Clamps, pipe repair
Clay pipes
Cleaning agents for water installations
Closed sand filters
Coating and lining in situ
Coating and lining, metal protective: cement mortar
Coating and lining, metal protective: polythylene
Coating and lining, metal protective: PUR (polyurethane)
Cold metal forming lubricants
Combined sedimentation and activated sludge plants
Compression fittings
Computer systems
Computerised control systems
Concrete pipes and accessories, miscellaneous
Concrete/structural repair and protection systems
Conductivity meters
Control/data processing systems
Controllers, liquid level
Controllers, pressure
Cooling towers
Corrosion inhibitors / scale control agents
Corrosion resistant coatings and linings
Couplings, mechanical
Cryptosporidium detection
Cso screening
Data acquisition
Data capture systems - portable
Data loggers
Data loggers ? wire free
Data processing
Dechlorination plants
Detectable warning tapes
Dewatering equipment
Diaphragm gauge seals
Diaphragm valves
Disinfection agents for water installation
Disinfection units and systems
Displacement meters
Domestic water filters
Domestic water meters
Domestic water pumps
Dosing apparatus metering pumps
Dosing plants
Dosing plants (gaseous liquid pulverized)
Dosing system accessories
Drilled wells, mechanical equipment and construction
Drilling equipment ? water well/investigation
Drilling machines, pipes
Ductile iron pipes and fittings
Effluent water treatment plant
Electrical connectors - submersible
Electro measuring, control and switch mechanisms
Electrodialysis and electro-osmosis for sea water desalting
Electrofusion fittings
Electronic devices
Ferric sulphate
Ferrous sulphate
Filter gravel and filter sand for drilled wells
Filter media
Filter media: anthracite coal
Filter media: biological
Filter media: granular activated carbon
Filter media: gravel
Filter media: other
Filter media: sand
Filter presses
Filter rehabilitation
Filters and accessories, miscellaneous
Filters, pressure
Filters, slow sand
Filters, upflow
Flange adaptors
Flange gaskets
Flap valves
Float valves
Floating covers
Flocculation plants
Flotation plants for industrial wastewater
Flow control valves
Flow indicating meters
Flow limiters
Flow measurement
Flow recorders
Flow regulation
Flushing devices for cisterns
Foot valves
Gate valves
Gauge, liquid level
Geared motors
Geographic information systems
Giardia detection
Glass reinforced plastic pipes
Globe valves
Grit removal
Groundwater monitoring instruments
GSM cellular modems
Hand pumps
Heat exchangers
High pressure pumps
Hoses, flexible, PFTE
Hydrants, fire
Industry, process water
Industry, ultrapure water
Industry, wastewater treatment, food and beverage
Industry, wastewater treatment, mining and minerals
Industry, wastewater treatment, other
Industry, wastewater treatment, petrochemical
Industry, wastewater treatment, pulp and paper
Intake screens
Ion-exchange equipment
Ion-exchange materials
Ion-exchange resins
Ion-exchange, neutralisation and stabilisation, misc. equip.
IP68 connectors
Iron removal plants
Irrigation equipment
Joints, mechanical, pipe
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory supplies and equipment
Lake water intakes
Lamella separators
Leakage detection/control, water mains
Level and pressure controls for pumps
Level measuring systems
Lime slakers
Manhole covers
Measurement and analysis, instruments for
Membrane bioreactors
Membrane filters
Membrane filtration equipment
Membrane technology
Membranes, microfiltration
Membranes, nanofiltration
Membranes, ultrafiltration
Metal cutting and grinding fluids
Metal grinding fluids
Meter boxes
Meter reading and immediate billing
Metering pumps
Meters, flow indicating, integrating and recording
Meters, on-site testing and installation
Meters, water flow, electromagnetic
Meters, water recording
Meters, water turbine
Meters, water, displacement
Meters, water, flow, ultrasonic
Meters, water, multijet
Meters, water, venturi
Microbiology testing
Microtunnelling systems
Mixers - electromechanical
Mobile water treatment plants
Monitoring equipment
Monitoring products, groundwater
Mould release agents
Network analysis
Non return valves and foot valves in brass, cast iron, plastic
Odour control and abatement
Odour control equipment
Oil free compressors
Oil monitors
Oil separators
Onsite testing and installation of meters
Open sand filters
Operating and maintenance manuals
Oxidation ditches
Ozone generators
Ozonisers and ozonisation plants
Packaged potable water treatment
Packaged sewage treatment plant
Particle characterisation systems
Percolating filter bed motor drives
pH meters
Piling, plastic
Pinch valves
Pipe cleaning
Pipe cleaning services
Pipe distribution, ductile iron
Pipe distribution, fibre glass, reinforced plastic
Pipe distribution, polyethylene
Pipe distribution, steel
Pipe fittings, distribution
Pipe fittings, service
Pipe flanges
Pipe jointing seals/gaskets
Pipe linings
Pipe replacement
Pipe saddles - plastic
Pipe, pipe joints and fittings
Pipe, service, polybutylene
Plastic pipes and fittings
Plug valves
Pollution control measurement
Polyaluminium chloride
Polyethylene pipes
Portable equipment
Potabilisation plants
Potassium permanganate
Pressure management systems
Pressure reducing valves
Pressure reducing valves, controllers
Pressure relief valves
Pressure sustaining valves
Pressure transducers and transmitters
Pressure vessels ? mild steel
Pressure vessels ? stainless steel
Programmable logic controllers
Project management software
Propeller pumps
Pulsation dampers
Pump column pipe
Pump, main chlorination
Pumping plant
Pumps for reverse osmosis
Pumps for solar heating
Pumps for special purposes
Pumps, centrifugal
Pumps, chemical feed and dosing
Pumps, deep well
Pumps, diaphragm
Pumps, metering
Pumps, portable
Pumps, positive displacement
Pumps, progressing cavity
Pumps, remote control
Pumps, submersible
Pumps, sump
PVC and PE fittings
PVC pipes
Radio equipment, mobile
Radio modems
Radio telemetry
Recorders multi-channel
Rehabilitation of pipes
Remediation products, groundwater
Remote meter reading
Repair clamps
Reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis equipment
Reverse osmosis equipment and membranes
Reverse osmosis systems
River water intakes
Roof coatings
Run down screens
Saddles, pipes
Safety relief valves
Sampling equipment
Screens and sieves miscellaneous
Sea water desalination
Security equipment
Sedimentation equipment
Sedimentation tanks
Self priming pumps
Separators, solids from liquids
Sewage pumping stations
Sewage pumps
Sewage treatment
Sewage treatment plants
Sewer manholes
Sewer rehabilitation
Silicone-based products
Silos, gravity fed
Sludge blanket level detection
Sludge collectors
Sludge density monitoring
Sludge dewatering
Sludge digestion
Sludge drying
Sludge incineration
Sludge management systems
Sludge pumps
Sludge thickening
Sludge treatment
Sludge treatment equipment
Sludge-to-energy conversion
Sluice valves
Slurry pumps
Sodium hypochlorite plants
Softeners, ion-exchange
Solid/liquid separation
Stainless steel water plant equipment
Steel pipes and accessories, miscellaneous
Sterilisation equipment and chemicals oxidation plants
Storm weir screens
Stormwater management
Structured plastic media
Submersible centrifugal pumps, deep well pumps
Suction demand valves
Sump pumps
Surge analysis
Surge vessels
Swimming pool chemicals
Swimming pool water disinfection
Swimming pool water purification
Tank cleaning and disinfection
Tank flushing systems
Tank level controls
Tanks, bunded
Tanks, fibreglass, sectional
Tanks, plastic
Tanks, steel bolted
Tanks, steel, welded
Taste and odour removal chemicals
Taste and odour removal plant
Telemetering equipment
Telemetry control housings
Telemetry systems
Telemetry systems - radio
Temperature measurement equipment
Terracotta products
Tertiary industrial water treatment
Tertiary wastewater treatment
Thermal process for water and sewage, miscellaneous
Thermostatic regulating valves
Treatment of odours from sewage systems
Treatment of potable water, disinfection: NaClO2 / H2O2
Treatment of sewage sludge
Treatment of water and sewage
Trenchless technology
Tunnelling systems
Ultrapure water systems
Ultraviolet disinfection
Ultraviolet irradiation plants
Underpressure drilling
Underpressure tees
Underwater connectors
Vacuum sewage transfer
Valve actuators, valve automation for water and wastewater
Valves, actuators
Valves, air relief
Valves, backflow prevention
Valves, ball
Valves, butterfly
Valves, cast-iron, ductile iron, bronze
Valves, check
Valves, control
Valves, double check
Valves, electronically operated
Valves, flap
Valves, float
Valves, gate
Valves, hydraulically operated
Valves, plastic
Valves, pressure regulating
Valves, solenoid operating
Valves, surge
Valves, tapping
Variable speed drive
Vent valves
Video inspection of wells and boreholes
Waste pumps
Wastewater transport
Wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment (elimination of heavy metals)
Wastewater treatment processes (general)
Wastewater/sewage treatment (removal of odours / detox)
Water analysis equipment
Water and wastewater treatment systems
Water biology testing
Water flow, electromagnetic meters
Water hammer control
Water leak location equipment
Water level recorders/indicators
Water linings
Water mains rehabilitation
Water management and sanitary engineering
Water management software
Water measurement
Water meters and gauges
Water meters remote
Water plant engineering
Water plant equipment
Water purification
Water quality monitors
Water recording meters
Water supply systems
Water supply, distribution and treatment
Water testing equipment, chemical analysis
Water treatment
Water treatment and wastewater purif., misc. chems.
Water treatment monitors
Water treatment plants
Water treatment systems
Water turbine meters
Waterborne parasite detection
Waterproof connectors
Waterproof membranes
Wedge gate valves
Well casings
Well rehabilitation agents
Well screens
Welling logging equipment
Woven filters
Other: (40 characters maximum)
Training / Courses - Skip to next section if not applicable
Course Types
Distance learning/correspondence
Short course
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Bachelors Degree
Masters Degree
National qualification
Vocational qualification / part-qualification
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Information technology
Rivers/water science/environmental
Sewers/sewage treatment
Water supply/distribution
Other: (25 characters maximum)
Other information on IWA Corporate members (online listing only) - Skip to next section if not applicable
Environmental agency
Water / wastewater utility
Other: (25 characters maximum)

Part C - Advertising Options

IMPORTANT: Please read this section.

This form covers our joint print (IWA Yearbook) and online (the-water-resource) directory services. Inclusion in the IWA Yearbook Buyers' Guide and the-water-resource is subject to payment (except IWA Corporate Members ? see below). The 2012 advertising rates are GBP530.00 for a company listing and 10 categories, plus GBP55.00 per additional category. The total appearing in the box below is based on these rates.

IWA Yearbook Buyers' Guide and the-water-resource upgrade option
Make your company profile in the IWA Yearbook Buyers' Guide and the-water-resource stand out by upgrading your entry. This option includes a logo with your printed IWA Yearbook Buyers' Guide entry and, in the-water-resource, includes your company logo, bold text formatting and a summary sentence of your company's activities. Read more here.

Purchase upgrade (GBP180.00)
Please provide a summary of your company's activities (50 characters maximum):
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IWA Corporate Members
Inclusion online in the-water-resource and in print in the Corporate Member Services Directory section of the IWA Yearbook is a benefit of IWA Corporate membership.

If you would also like your details to be included in the IWA Yearbook Buyers' Guide, please tick the box below. You can upgrade your entry in the IWA Yearbook Buyers' Guide using the upgrade section above.

My company is an IWA Corporate Member and we would like our profile to appear in the IWA Yearbook Buyer's Guide (GBP530.00 for company listing and 10 categories, plus GBP55.00 per additional category. VAT will be added where applicable).
If you would like to upgrade your entry in the-water-resource (logo and highlighted entry), please use the upgrade section above.

FREE careers website listing
All organisations appearing in the-water-resource can also have the careers section of their website included in the careers website listing in the my-water-career section of our website.

List in my-water-career careers website listing
Please provide the URL of your company's careers website:
Check total and submit your form
Total sum to be paid: GBP

For your security, your details must be verified before they will appear in the-water-resource. You will be required to validate your booking by sending us a fax on company headed paper - details will appear on the next page. Your profile will then appear online within one working day and you will be invoiced regarding payment if applicable. At present the-water-resource does not accept online payment methods.

After submitting your details to the-water-resource you will be given the option to print a copy of this completed form for your records