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US: Report ranks Alaska and California top of the water preparedness list (10/04/12)

A new report issued by the US Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has ranked all 50 states for the first time on their readiness (or lack of) in planning for the water-related threats of climate change.

The state-by-state analysis closely examines states that have been found to be very engaged in preparedness planning or woefully unprepared in the face of growing water–related climate change impacts, including threats to water supply and quality, and more frequent and severe storms, floods, and drought events.

NRDC’s ‘Ready or Not’ report ranks states based on how their governments are planning and preparing for the water-related impacts of a changing climate. Category 1 (best prepared) states include Alaska, California, Oregon, New York and Wisconsin, and Category 4 (worst prepared) states include Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Montana and Texas. Category 3 and 4 are described as ‘largely unprepared and lagging behind’.

The report warns that climate action at both federal and state levels has noticeably diminished as the economic conditions have deteriorated.
Lis Stedman