Milestones in Water Reuse

The Best Success Stories


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Publication Date: 15/01/2013

Pages: 408

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781780400075

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Milestones in Water Reuse: The Best Success Stories illustrates the benefits of water reuse in integrated water resources management and its role for water cycle management, climate change adaptation and water in the cities of the future. Selected case studies are used to illustrate the different types of water reuse, i.e. agricultural irrigation, golf course and landscape irrigation, urban and industrial uses, environmental enhancement, as well as indirect and direct potable reuse. The various aspects related to water reuse are covered, including treatment technologies, water quality, economics, public acceptance, benefits, keys for success and main constraints.

These international case studies highlight the best practices for the implementation of water reuse and provide the perspective for the integration of water recycling projects in the future, both for megacities and rural areas. Milestones in Water Reuse: The Best Success Stories demonstrates that planned water reuse is a cost competitive and energy-saving option to increase water availability and reliability.

This book provides policymakers and regulators with a good understanding of water reuse and helps them to consider recycled water as safe and how it can be used. It is intended to be read by all people in the water sector and shows how water reuse is safe, economically viable, environmentally friendly and can provide high social benefits.

Valentina Lazarova, Suez Environnement, France
Takashi Asano, University of California at Davis, USA
Akica Bahri, African Development Bank, Tunisia
John Anderson, Afton Water, Australia

Introduction: Challenges of Sustainable Water Reuse and Choice of Water Reuse Applications, Valentina Lazarova and Takashi Asano;
Production of Multiquality Recycling Water for Reuse Purposes: Lessons Learned from the 15-Year Experience of the EDUARD C. LITTLE Water Recycling Facility (USA), Joe Walters, Gregg Oealker and Rich Nagel;
Role of Water Reuse for the City of Future (Singapore), Lim Mong Hoo and Harry Seah;
Integration of water reuse in the management of water resources in the Costa Brava (Spain), Lluis Sala;
Integration of wastewater reuse, for the sustainable management of water resources in Cyprus (Cyprus), Iacovos Papaiacovou, Athina Papatheodoulou;
Semi-centralized urban water management as prerequisite for water reuse - results of the demonstration unit DEUS 21 in Knittlingen/ Germany, Marius Mohr and Walter Trösch;
Water for Life: Diversification and water reuse are key ingredients in Sydney’s integrated water plan (Australia), John Anderson;
Role of water reuse for a megacity suffering from serious water shortage in China-Tianjin, Yu Zhang, Min Yang;
Irrigation of High Value Food Crops (the WWTP of Nosedo, Milano, Italy), Roberto Mazzini, Luca Pedrazzi and Valentina Lazarova;
Key of success of water reuse for agricultural irrigation: the case of Noirmoutier (France), Antoine Fazio and Valentina Lazarova;
The Role of Recycled Water for Agriculture in Thessaloniki (Greece), A. Soupilas and A. Angelakis;
Irrigation of Food Crops in Australia (Australia), Daryl Stevens and John Anderson;
The keys for success of water reuse in tourist areas – the case of the Island of Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Valentina Lazarova, Vincent Sturny and Gaston Tong Sang;
The exciting challenge of water reuse in the regional community of Madrid (Spain), Avelino Martinez Herrero, Jesús Díez de Ulzurrun Mosquera, Gregorio Arias Sánchez and Andrés Deza de la Casa;
Water reuse in Hawaii: City and County of Honolulu (USA), Scott A. Edwards;
Australia’s urban and residential water reuse schemes (Australia), John Anderson;
Recycling of secondary refinery and naphta cracker effluents employing advanced multi barrier systems - Panipat, India, J. Lahnsteiner, G. Srinivasan, R.D. Mittal, (Indian Oil Corporation);
Closing loops - Industrial water management in Germany, Prof. Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel and Axel Borchmann;
The role of industrial reuse for the sustainability of water reuse schemes: the example of San Luis Potisi (Mexico), Alberto Rojas, Lucina Equihua, Carlos Arevalo and Fernando Gonzalez;
High Purity Recycled Water for Refinery Boiler Feedwater, Alice Towey, Jan Lee, Sanjay Reddy and James H. Clark;
Restoration of River Flow in Mega cities: the example of Tokyo (Japan), Naoyuki Funamizu;
Water reuse for environmental restoration at the Texoco Lake (Mexico), Blanca JIMENEZ;
Creation of a New Recreation Water Environment: the example of Beijing Olympic Park (China), Hong-Ying HU, YingXue SUN (Tsinghua University, China), Josef Lahnsteiner (WABAG), and Yiping GAN (the Beijing Drainage Group, China);
Japanese Practices for Greywater recycling in Buildings (Japan), Naoyuki Funamizu;
In-building Water Recycling in New York City (USA), Yanjin Liu, Eugenio Giraldo, and Mark LeChevallier;
Semi-decentralized Water Recycling in Mega cities: the example of Tokyo Shinjuku (Japan), Naoyuki Funamizu;
Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System (California), R. Chalmer, P. Mehul and D. Thompson;
Lessons Learned from the Torreele Groundwater Recharge (Belgium), Emmanuel Van Houtte;
The Occoquan Experience - First and Most Mature Planned, Surface Water, Potable Reuse Project in the World (USA), Robert Angelotti;
The water reuse scheme of Western Corridor (Australia), Troy Walker et al;
More than 40 years of direct potable reuse experience in Windhoek, (Namibia), J. Lahnsteiner, P. du Pisani, J. Menge, J. Esterhuize.

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