Water Services Management and Governance



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Publication Date: 14/10/2012

Pages: 228

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781780400228

eISBN: 9781780400730

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Water Services Management and Governance focuses on water services (water supply, wastewater services) and deals with connections between water resources and services and water resources. It covers water supply mainly in urban communities, sanitation and pollution control and water resources and their linkages to water services.

This book is divided in to four key sections relating to governance frameworks, technology and socio-ecological interactions, government and governance, and long terms policies. The chapters analyse the complexity of the water services sector based on a historical analysis of developments within the sector. The underlying conviction is that only by understanding past trends, processes and developments can the current situation in the water services be understood. Only through this understanding can policies for sustainable water services in the future be formulated. The four key sections relate to governance frameworks, technology and socio-ecological interactions, government and governance, and long terms policies.

Water Services Management and Governance raises awareness that an understanding of the past is a necessity to explore potential, probable and preferable futures. It is an essential basis for water sector reforms in any country, region or community. The book is written for experts in water utilities, ministries, municipalities, NGOs, donor agencies, private companies and regulators; as well as students and researchers in water policy and governance, and the management of water resources, services and infrastructure.

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Introduction; Analytical framework for water services and governance; Water Services Evolution and Technology Development Theories in Finland, 1870-2010; Integration of Water and Wastewater Utilities: A Case from Finland; Safety of lead water pipes: History and Present; . Fort C. Water re-cycling and sustainability: an historian examines South Australian futures; Tempelhoff J. Rethinking mining in the face of changing water demand needs in South Africa; Reflections on Colorado's Water Development and the Pursuit of Sustainable Growth in the Arid West; The governance of large hydraulic infrastructure in Spain. A historical approach; Centralisation of waterworks in the Netherlands; Pietilä P. Various roles of municipalities and WSS in Europe; The birth, growth and decline of multinational water companies; Issues of Governance and Citizenship in Water Services: a reflection on Latin American experiences; Rusca M. &Schwartz K. Changes in Partnerships on WSS services from 1970s to 2010; Water supply and sanitation history in Kenya and its relevance for the current water sector reforms; The Curse of Novelty: how can water sector donors learn from experience?;  Reforming water services in Helsinki metropolitan area

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