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Publication Date: 15/11/2012

Pages: 180

ISBN13: 9781780400259

eISBN: 9781780400259

WERF Report INFR4SG09d

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This document seeks to collect into one place current and new technologies about, or related to, sewerage system design so that wastewater professionals can easily learn about them.   The document organizes the information found in the 266 documents that were reviewed for this study into six subject areas: Advanced On-Site Technologies; Alternative Wastewater Collection System Designs and Technologies; Gravity Sewer System Design and Technology; Infiltration Detection and Control Technologies; Sewer Construction/Rehabilitation Technologies; and Pipe Materials and Joints.  Each of the six subject areas is further subdivided into three technology levels: Established Technologies; Proven Technologies; and Experimental and Foreign Technologies. The results are summarized in tabular form for easy review and comparison, followed by informative descriptions of each of the listed technologies.  The descriptive section contains information on how the various designs and technologies work, their cost and performance, advantages and disadvantages, locations where the design or technology is in use, and identification of the manufacturer of certain descripted technologies.

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