Water Consumption, Tariffs and Regulation


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Publication Date: 15/07/2019

Pages: 200

Binding: Hardback

ISBN13: 9781780404677

eISBN: 9781780404684

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Water Consumption, Tariffs and Regulation aims to provide a statistical overview of water abstraction, consumption, tariffs and data on sewage and wastewater treatment at an international level. It is mainly based on the statistical information provided by the IWA Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics.

The book is structured in three main parts. Part I presents tables and figures relative to water consumption and sanitation status and focuses on water abstraction, water delivered, water consumption and the evolution of sewer connection and wastewater treatment.

Part II focuses on the analysis of water tariffs by investigating the structure of water tariffs by analysing the importance of the variable and fixed charge. It presents drinking water tariffs and illustrates the relationship between tariffs and GDP and also the size of the cities. Finally, charges in wastewater are dealt with country by country.

Part III analyses the main aspects relative to water regulation and describes the importance of private operators in the management of the water cycle. Information relative to the principles used to fix drinking water prices is presented with an assessment of access to public water services.


Chapter 1 - Overview of water abstraction in the world
Águeda Bellver-Domingo and Francesc Hernández-Sancho

Chapter 2 - Urban water demand in a context of scarcity
Mónica Maldonado-Devis and Lledó Castellet-Viciano

Chapter 3 - Wastewater treatment and water reuse
Miquel Salgot and Montserrat Folch

Chapter 4 - Instruments of urban water demand management
Monica Maldonado-Devis and Francesc Hernández-Sancho

Chapter 5 - Tariffs and cost recovery
Mónica Pueyo, Oriol Figueras and Mariona Coch

Chapter 6 - Urban water regulation in Europe
Mónica Maldonado-Devis and Vicent Hernández-Chover

Chapter 7 - PPPS: Concepts and contractual arrangements in the five continents
Renato Parena

Chapter 8 - Access to public water services
Carlos Pereira and Alexandra Cunha

Chapter 9 - Economic regulation of water sector
Carlos Pereira and Alexandra Cunha


“This book offers valuable insight into different kind of issues written by recognized experts in the water industry. This can help water managers all over the world, who face these kinds of problems daily, to better understand what they are dealing with and to better substantiate their decisions.”

Ed Smeets, Chairman of the Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics of the International Water Association

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