Flare Efficiency Estimator and Case Studies



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Author(s): John Willis

Publication Date: 20/11/2013

Pages: 60

ISBN13: 9781780404882

eISBN: 9781780404882

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A flare efficiency estimator (FEE) tool is part of Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) project U2R08 entitled Methane Evolution from Wastewater Treatment and Conveyance under WERF’s Climate Change Program and funding from the New York State Energy Development Authority (NYSERDA). The FEE is based on the work of the Flare Research Group at the University of Alberta (UoA) and it will help estimate the fugitive greenhouse gas (CH4) emissions from the unprotected ‘candlestick’ flares for digester gas and landfill gas flares.


  • FEE helps accurately estimate flaring efficiencies for unprotected ‘candlestick’ flares.
  • FEE helps estimate fugitive GHG emissions from the unprotected ‘candlestick’ flares.
  • FEE can be used to evaluate the ambient conditions for flaring operations such that combustion efficiencies are maximized and GHG emissions are minimized.

John Willis

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