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Publication Date: 15/10/2014

Pages: 152

Binding: Hardback

ISBN13: 9781780404899

eISBN: 9781780404905

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The complex interactions between water resources, land-use change and water technologies are a major issue in many emerging countries of Southern America. Usable water resources are affected by natural conditions, such as, strong seasonal contrasts and high climatic variability, and rapid changes of land use and land cover that is caused by the dramatic expansion of agricultural land and urbanization processes.

So far, the effects of the changing climate have had minor effects on water resources. Although regional data is rather scarce, global climate models predict substantial changes of climatic conditions in the future. A further pressure is that demand for water supply and waste water, both in terms of amount and spatial expansion, is increasing rapidly due to higher population densities caused by natural population growth and migration as well as higher per capita consumption.

Integrated Water Resource Management in Brazil aims to present the results of the joint project IWAS-AGUA DF which deals with problems, causes and solutions in water supply in scope of integrated water resource management in western Central Brazil. The basic idea of the IWRM approach to be presented is to show how natural conditions and human interference are interacting and how technologies as well as concepts might help to manage such water resource systems in a sustainable way.

Table of Contents
Introduction and Overview; Climate, Land Use and Water Resources; Regional Climate Change in Central Brazil; Protection and Exploitation of Groundwater Resources in western Central Brazil; Effects of Land Use/Cover Change on Water Resources in Mesoscale River Basins in western Central Brazil; Urban structures and water resources in the Federal District; Sediment sources in the Lago Parano£ catchment, Western Central Brazil, River Basins Management by Using web based information technology; Water Quality, Concepts and Technologies; Water quality of tropical reservoirs in a changing world the case of Lake Parano£, Bras■lia, Brazil; Bridging the gap: current and future drinking water treatment for a fast-growing megacity, Bras■lia; Developing the Urban Water System towards using the Parano£ Lake in Bras■lia as Receptor and Water Resource; Capacity Development as base element of IWRM in Central Brazil; Conclusions and Consequences transfer of scientific results into practice 

Authors: Carsten Lorz, Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Franz Makeschin,  Dresden University of Technology, Germany and Holger Weiss, Center for Environmental Research, Germany

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