Activated Sludge - 100 Years and Counting


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Publication Date: 31/05/2014

Pages: 464

Binding: Hardback

ISBN13: 9781780404936

eISBN: 9781780404943

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Activated Sludge - 100 Years and Counting covers the current status of all aspects of the activated sludge process and looks forward to its further development in the future. It celebrates 100 years of the Activated Sludge process, from the time that the early developers presented the seminal works that led to its eventual worldwide adoption.
The book assembles contributions from renowned world leaders in activated sludge research, development, technology and application.  The objective of the book is to summarise the knowledge of all aspects of the activated sludge process and to present and discuss anticipated future developments.
The book comprises invited papers to be delivered at the conference "Activated Sludge…100 Years and Counting!" that is to be held in Essen, Germany, June 12th to 14th, 2014
Activated Sludge - 100 Years and Counting is of interest to researchers, engineers, designers, operations specialists, and governmental agencies from a wide range of disciplines associated with all aspects of the activated sludge process.

David Jenkins, University of California at Berkeley, USA, Jiri Wanner, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic,

Table of Contents :
Ardern and Lockett Remembrance, Glen Daigger:
Wastewater Treatment Requirements through the Years, Herman Hahn;  
Process Development, David Stensel, Jacek Makinia;
Process Microbiology/Ecology, Per Halkjær Nielsen, Katherine D. McMahon;
Macro-nutrient Removal (Nitrogen), Wendell Khunjar, Paul Pitt, Charles. Bott, Kartik Chandran
Macro-nutrient Removal (Phosphorus), James L. Barnard, Yves Comeau;
Micro-constituent Removal, Hansruedi Siegrist, Adriano Joss, Thomas A. Ternes;
Aeration and Mixing, Martin Wagner, Michael K.Stenstrom;
Air Emissions, Jay Witherspoon, Michael D. Short , Kate Simmonds, Ben van den Akker, E.Maddon, Richard M. Stuetz;
Solids Separation, Jiri Wanner, Andrea Jobbagy;
Secondary Clarifiers, Denny Parker, Wolfgang Günthert, Britt-Marie Wilén;
Energy Considerations, Helmut Kroiss, Ye Shi Cao;
Automation and Control, Gustaf Olsson, Zhiguo Yuan, Changwon Kim;
Modeling, George Ekama, Imre Takacs;
Hybrid Systems, Hallvard Odegaard, Kim Helleshoj Sorensen, Magnus Christensson;
Membrane Systems, Simon Judd, Tamas Zsirai, George Crawford;
Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel, Willy Verstraete, Siegfried E. Vlaeminck, Martin Wagner, Sabrina Kipp, Nina Manig;
Planning and Design, Burkhard Teichgräber;
Economics of Activated Sludge Process, Norbert Jardin, Julian Sandino;
The Next 100 Years, Mark van Loosdrecht, Ye Shi Cao, Yuen Long Wah, Harry Seah.

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