Smart Water Utilities: Complexity Made Simple


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Publication Date: 15/05/2016

Pages: 304

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781780407579

eISBN: 9781780407586

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Today there is increasing pressure on the water infrastructure and although unsustainable water extraction and wastewater handling can continue for a while, at some point water needs to be managed in a way that is sustainable in the long-term.  We need to handle water utilities “smarter”.

New and effective tools and technologies are becoming available at an affordable cost and these technologies are steadily changing water infrastructure options.  The quality and robustness of sensors are increasing rapidly and their reliability makes the automatic handling of critical processes viable. Online and real-time control means safer and more effective operation.

The combination of better sensors and new water treatment technologies is a strong enabler for decentralised and diversified water treatment. Plants can be run with a minimum of personnel attendance.  In the future, thousands of sensors in the water utility cycle will handle all the complexity in an effective way.

Smart Water Utilities: Complexity Made Simple provides a framework for Smart Water Utilities based on an M-A-D (Measurement-Analysis-Decision).  This enables the organisation and implementation of “Smart” in a water utility by providing an overview of supporting technologies and methods.

The book presents an introduction to methods and tools, providing a perspective of what can and could be achieved. It provides a toolbox for all water challenges and is essential reading for the Water Utility Manager, Engineer and Director and for Consultants, Designers and Researchers.

This title is also available as a Persian translation

Pernille Ingildsen

Gustaf Olsson

‘In a world of increased complexity and rapid changes water professionals are looking for new solutions to cope with these challenges in order to operate and manage their systems in a more effective and sustainable way.  Pernille Ingildsen and Gustaf Olsson share their long time experience as teacher, researcher and manager. By introducing the M-A-D (Measurement-Analysis-Decision) concept they provide the basis for a better understanding and operation of water systems at all levels. This is a must-read book for all water professionals irrespective if you are researcher, a consultant, an operator or a manager of a water utility. You will find an abundance of new ideas for improving the water cycle and to transform your water system into a real smart water system.’

NORBERT JARDIN, Ruhrverband, Germany

'The world looks ahead to the ”post-2015 development agenda” towards 2030 by launching a new set of Sustainable Development Goals and a new global Climate Agreement. Facing the challenges of a climate uncertain future, including rapid urbanisation, in the midst of an unprecedented  information revolution, this book addresses the right issues at the right time: how to contribute to  a sustainable future by harnessing our ever growing mass of information and data to achieve ”smart” water and energy management.  And it does so in the right way: going from the comprehensive to the specific, from the complex to the simple, by taking all relevant utility stakeholders by the hand and give them a toolbox to face a world of advanced sensors and real time control. I learned a lot from it and warmly recommend it to others.'

DR TORKIL JØNCH CLAUSEN, Senior Adviser to the DHI Group and Global Water Partnership Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee for the World Water Week in Stockholm Governor of the World Water Council

‘Smart Water Utilities: Complexity Made Simple is unusual in the breadth of its scope, which includes a global overview of sustainability issues, a discussion of management issues at the utility level, and extensive  information on the technical specifics of designing, operating, and fully utilizing information from automated data and control systems. The authors have presented all information, from the most abstract to the most detailed, in a user-friendly way, using analogies from the real-life experience of readers to clarify their points. This book is a real addition to the literature of the water industry.’

CHERYL DAVIS, Chair of IWA Sustainability Specialist Group, CKD Consulting

‘The book is an outstanding inspiration and eye-opener. It is a must for every water manager and for anyone who wants to become a water expert.’

PROFESSOR DR HARRO BODE, CEO of the well-known water utility Ruhrverband, Germany

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