Membrane Biological Reactors: Theory, Modeling, Design, Management and Applications to Wastewater Reuse - Second Edition


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Publication Date: 15/07/2019

Pages: 600

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781780409160

eISBN: 9781780409177

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The MBR market continues to experience a massive growth. The best practice in the field is constantly changing and unique quality requirements and management issues are regularly emerging. The second edition of Membrane Biological Reactors: Theory, Modeling, Design, Management and Applications to Wastewater Reuse comprehensively covers the salient features and emerging issues associated with the MBR technology. The book provides thorough coverage starting from biological aspects and fundamentals of membranes, via modeling and design concepts, to practitioners’ perspective and good application examples.

In the second edition, the chapters have been updated to cover the recently emerged issues. Particularly, the book presents the current status of the technology including market drivers/ restraints and development trend. Process fundamentals (both the biological and membrane components) have received in-depth coverage in the new edition. A new chapter has been added to provide a stronger focus on reuse applications in general and the decisive role of MBR in the entire reuse chain. The second edition also comes with a new chapter containing practical design problems to complement the concepts communicated throughout the book. Other distinguishing features of the new edition are coverage of novel developments and hybrid processes for specialised wastewaters, energy efficiency and sustainability of the process, aspects of MBR process automation and recent material on case studies.

The new edition is a valuable reference to the academic and professional community and suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to membrane biological reactors

Chapter 2 - Process fundamentals: From conventional biological wastewater treatment to MBR

Chapter 3 - Membrane bioreactors design, operation, maintenance

Chapter 4 - Monitoring, characterization and control of membrane biofouling in MBR

Chapter 5 - Nutrient removal and disinfection by MBR

Chapter 6 - Wastewater reuse applications and MBR

Chapter 7 - Impacts of hazardous events on performance of membrane bioreactors

Chapter 8 - Cost benefit and environmental life cycle assessment

Chapter 9 - MBR modeling studies

Chapter 10 - Gas-diffusion, extractive, biocatalytic, and electrochemical membrane biological reactors

Chapter 11 - Anaerobic MBRs

Chapter 12 - Hybrid processes, new generation membranes and novel MBR designs

Chapter 13 - Removal of emerging trace organic contaminants (TrOC) by MBR

Chapter 14 - Commercial MBR technologies and selected case studies

Chapter 15 - MBR design calculations


“This new book on membrane bioreactors (MBRs) aims to provide basic information for teaching, practical material for practitioners and sufficient depth for researchers. It successfully achieves these aims. The book provides a very comprehensive coverage of MBRs with 13 chapters authored by specialists in various aspects of the technology. This book is indeed a magnum opus – very comprehensive and a great source of information. Each chapter has an extensive reference list. Another valuable feature is that each chapter has a final ‘Future Outlook’ that speculates on the future trends and developments relevant to that chapter. This book is a major effort by a large team of MBR experts; many names will be familiar to those working in the field. I recommend it to anyone or any organization interested in the remarkable technology we call ‘the MBR’." 

Professor Tony Fane, Director-Mentor, Singapore Membrane Technology Centre, Nanyang Technological University.


“A new book on membrane bioreactor technology edited by Faisal I. Hai, Kazuo Yamamoto and Chung-Hak Lee provides an excellent compilation of the state of knowledge on this very comprehensively investigated field of water technology. The book has a very good mix of fundamentals on membranes and biological wastewater treatment processes as well as coverage of emerging fields of MBR research and application. Throughout the book there is a particular view on MBR technology as a component of water reuse schemes. In summary, the book provides a wealth of information on most major aspects of MBR technology."

Professor Thomas Wintgens, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern, Switzerland.

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