Anaerobic Reactors for Sewage Treatment: Design, Construction and Operation


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Publication Date: 15/07/2019

Pages: 420

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781780409221

eISBN: 9781780409238

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Anaerobic sewage treatment using UASB reactors has significantly expanded in the last few decades and is now a consolidated technology in some warm climate regions. Several advantages of the anaerobic process make it a more sustainable option for sewage treatment. However, there are still important constraints related to design, construction, and operation of UASB reactors. Conversely, there is enough knowledge, experience, and proven technology that can be used to effectively tackle all the related drawbacks.

This book delivers the most relevant techno-scientific developments from academia and water authorities, comprehensively addressing the main aspects of interest in design, construction, and operation of UASB reactors for sewage treatment. Special attention is given to the proper and integrated management of sludge, scum, gaseous
emissions, energy recovery, and effluent quality. The main purpose is to provide information and share experiences not yet compiled in the specialized literature on anaerobic sewage treatment. Therefore, a sequence of 12 well-interconnected chapters consolidates the practical knowledge and experiences that important research groups and recognized professionals worldwide have acquired over the past 20 years in demo- and full-scale anaerobic-based sewage treatment plants.

Anaerobic Reactors for Sewage Treatment: Design, Construction and Operation can significantly contribute towards a responsible expansion of the anaerobic technology in the world. The book is a valuable tool for engineers, constructors, operators, wastewater utility managers, as well as for students interested in anaerobic processes for sewage treatment.

A simple and ready-to-use spreadsheet for the design of UASB reactors for sewage treatment is available for download here.

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Dedication and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1 - Introduction to anaerobic sewage treatment

Chapter 2 - Anaerobic treatment as core technology for more sustainable sanitation

Chapter 3 - Fundamentals of anaerobic sewage treatment

Chapter 4 - Design of UASB reactors for sewage treatment

Chapter 5 - Construction of UASB reactors for sewage treatment

Chapter 6 - Operation of UASB reactors for sewage treatment

Chapter 7 - Experience with full-scale UASB reactors treating sewage

Chapter 8 - Energy recovery from biogas in UASB reactors treating sewage

Chapter 9 - Control of diffuse emissions in UASB reactors treating sewage

Chapter 10 - Post-treatment of anaerobic effluents

Chapter 11 - Upgrading anaerobic sewage treatment applying membranes: AnMBR and UF post filtration

Chapter 12 - Closing cycles in anaerobic-based sewage treatment systems


“This book will be a valuable reference for water industry professionals - engineers, designers, operators, and managers, as well as researchers, undergraduates and graduates in the fields of civil engineering, environmental engineering and process engineering.”

Peter Vale, Technical Lead Innovation, Severn Trent Water

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