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High-rate anaerobic treatment of sewage using upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactors has significantly expanded in the last decades and is now a consolidated technology in warm climate countries. Several advantages of the anaerobic treatment make it a more sustainable option for sewage treatment, but there are still important constraints related to design, construction and operation of UASB reactors. On the other hand, there is enough knowledge, experience and proven technology that can be used to effectively tackle all of these aspects.

The book delivers the most relevant technical-scientific developments from academia and water authorities, comprehensively addressing the main aspects of interest in design, construction and operation of UASB reactors for sewage treatment. It also comprises the best practices of integrated management of liquid, gaseous and solid phases. The main purpose is to provide information and share experiences not yet compiled in the specialized literature regarding anaerobic sewage treatment. Therefore, a sequence of 12 well interconnected chapters consolidates the practical knowledge and experiences that important research groups and worldwide recognized professionals have acquired over the last 20 years in demo- and full-scale anaerobic-based sewage treatment plants.

Anaerobic Reactors for Sewage Treatment: Design, Construction and Operation can significantly contribute to a responsible expansion of the anaerobic technology in the world. The book is a valuable tool for engineers, constructors, operators, wastewater utility managers, as well as for students involved with anaerobic reactors for sewage treatment.

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Introduction to anaerobic sewage treatment; Anaerobic sewage treatment as a way to improve sanitation in the developing world; Fundamentals of anaerobic sewage treatment; Design of UASB reactors for sewage treatment; Construction of UASB reactors for sewage treatment; Operation of UASB reactors for sewage treatment; Full-scale experiences with UASB reactors; Energy recovery from biogas in anaerobic-based STPs: state of the art; Control of diffuse emissions; Post-treatment of anaerobic effluents; Closing cycles in anaerobic-based sewage treatment systems; New developments and future perspectives

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