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Access to clean water and energy are critical to economic growth and sustainable development. Providing water and energy services has important environmental impacts. Understanding the inextricable linkages among water, energy, and environment – the water-energy-environment nexus – will be a priority for all levels of government in the decades ahead as they develop and implement policies to enhance human welfare.

We are also experiencing the beginning of an energy revolution in these early years of the 21st Century. Understanding the nature of this revolution is important, and this book provides an introduction to, and explanation, of this revolution. Specific topics discussed, in addition to explaining the nexus, include:

  • the global contexts for water and energy issues
  • associated environmental impacts
  • traditional and emerging energy options (fossil fuels, nuclear power, renewable energies)
  • new approaches to providing clean water
  • the emerging role of energy storage
  • policy issues associated with water, energy, and environment
  • recommendations for moving forward

There are a number of books on pieces of the nexus, most at a technical level. The purpose of this book is to explain the nexus and each of its components in a university-level, highly-readable ‘primer’ for those entering the water and energy fields. It will also serve as an introduction to these topics for a global, multidisciplinary audience that includes academic scholars in related technical and non-technical fields, government officials at national, state, and local levels, economists and others in the financial/investment communities, and those in the development community responsible for planning and delivering water and energy services to underserved populations.

The PDF version of this title has been made Open Access in partnership with Knowledge Unlatched (KU), a library crowd-funding initiative. Find out more here.

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Chapter 1 - Water and its global context

Chapter 2 - Energy and its global context

Chapter 3 - Exploring the linkage between water and energy

Chapter 4 - Energy production and its consequences for water and the environment

Chapter 5 - Energy options

Chapter 6 - Fossil fuels

Chapter 7 - Nuclear power

Chapter 8 - Renewable energy

Chapter 9 - Energy storage

Chapter 10 - Policy considerations



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