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The paperback of this book will be available October 2018. The ebook version will be released at the end of 2018.

Advances in Wastewater Treatment presents a compendium of the key topics surrounding wastewater treatment, assembled by looking at the future technologies, and provides future perspectives in wastewater treatment and modelling. It covers the fundamentals and innovative wastewater treatment processes (such as membrane bioreactors and granular process). Furthermore, it focuses attention on mathematical modelling aspects in the field of wastewater treatments by highlighting the key role of models in process design, operation and control.

Other topics include:
• Anaerobic digestion
• Biological nutrient removal
• Instrumentation, control and automation
• Computational fluid dynamics in wastewater
• IFAS systems
• New frontiers in wastewater treatment
• Greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater treatment

Each topic is addressed by discussing past, present and future trends. Advances in Wastewater Treatment is a valid support for researchers, practitioners and also students to have a frame of the frontiers in wastewater treatment and modelling.

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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 - Primary treatment: Particle separation by rotating belt sieves

Chapter 2 - Biological nutrient removal activated sludge systems with membranes

Chapter 3 - MBBR and IFAS systems

Chapter 4 - Aerobic granular sludge: State of the art, applications, and new perspectives

Chapter 5 - Membrane-based processes

Chapter 6 - Organic micropollutant control

Chapter 7 - Anaerobic digestion processes

Chapter 8 - Greenhouse gas emissions from membrane bioreactors

Chapter 9 - Mixing – new insights and opportunities through computational fluid dynamics

Chapter 10 - Making water operations smarter

Chapter 11 - Global sensitivity analysis in wastewater treatment modelling

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