Resilient Water Services and Systems: The Foundation of Well-Being


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Publication Date: 15/08/2019

Pages: 250

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781780409764

eISBN: 9781780409771

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Resilient Water Services and Systems: The Foundation of Well-Being provides an overarching framework on water and sanitation services and how they are coping with resilience, aging infrastructure and climate change. The Editors present conceptual evidence about resilience backed by case studies that demonstrate resilience in practice. There are 13 case studies, from Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America, providing informative perspectives from around the world. This is a timely collection of historic and contemporary evidence that will have increasing relevance in the coming decades. This volume will be of relevance to both scholars and practitioners.

“Resilient water services are the key to water security across the world. Sustaining them is a challenging task in high-income countries where aging infrastructure is a critical issue, and in low-income countries where new infrastructure is needed and ability-to-pay is a more formidable barrier to success. The editors have compiled a succinct analysis and assembled case studies that cover diverse regions and contexts. From this book the reader will gain a wealth of knowledge about water services, as well as rich vicarious experiences from the cases.”

Neil Grigg, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, USA

About the editors 
Foreword: Towards more resilient water services

Chapter 1 - Resiliency is the key for sustainable water services
P. Juuti, H. Mattila, R. Rajala, K. Schwartz and C. Staddon

Chapter 2 - Water security and resilience 
C. Staddon, P. Juuti, T. Katko, H. Mattila, R. Rajala and K. Schwartz

Chapter 3 - Historical development paths and means for winning the challenge of aging water services infrastructure
R. Rajala, P. Juuti, J. Hukka and T. Katko

Chapter 4 - Aging water infrastructure in the United States
N. Grigg

Chapter 5 - The challenge of universalizing essential water services in Latin America and the Caribbean
J. E. Castro

Chapter 6 - Rethinking resilience in a context: how to address severe disruptions of critical infrastructure?
O. Heino, J. Kalalahti and P. Jukarainen

Chapter 7 - Water services in Rı̄ga city in different socio-economic situations and a changing population
G. Spriņģe and G. Lukstiņa

Chapter 8 - Incorporating resilience in a Dutch water utility: exploring the translation of a ‘magic concept’ to everyday practices
A. Cabrera Flamini, K. Schwartz and R. Kloosterman

Chapter 9 - The rise (and fall?) of resilience in dealing with Cape Town’s water crisis (2015–2018)
J. Tempelhoff

Chapter 10 - Nature and extent of potable water consumption in Tampere (Finland) and Carletonville (South Africa)
R. Rajala, P. Juuti and E. Nealer

Chapter 11 - Swedish experiences from resilience in water and sanitation services in the last 60 years: easy or difficult tasks? 
K. Persson

Chapter 12 - Resilience in a diverse water sector – challenges and opportunities from the UK’s multiple contexts
S. Ward, C. Staddon and L. McEwen

Chapter 13 - Tucson Arizona – a story of “water resilience” through diversifying water sources, demand management, and ecosystem restoration
A. Zuniga-Teran and C. Staddon

Chapter 14 - “Five water governance” and the transition of China’s sustainable development (2012–2017)
Z. Jin

Chapter 15 - Relevance of the resilience concept and long-term thinking for WSS providers
P. Juuti, H. Mattila, R. Rajala, K. Schwartz and C. Staddon

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