Reducing Energy for Urban Water and Wastewater: Prospects for China


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Publication Date: 15/09/2019

Pages: 170

ISBN13: 9781780409931

eISBN: 9781780409948

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Cities use large amounts of costly energy to supply water and treat wastewater, especially in China, one of the world’s largest providers of urban water and sanitation services. Reducing Energy for Urban Water and Wastewater shows how cities can reduce energy use, cut costs and curb greenhouse gas emissions. First, it guides the reader through water supply and wastewater treatment, explaining how energy is used at each step. Then the authors:

• Outline the most effective ideas for reducing energy use in cities, using China as a case study.
• Provide a decision-making framework to help cities focus their efforts.
• Investigate an often-overlooked high energy user in dense cities and suggest a way to cut energy.
• Assess the unintended downside of stricter wastewater standards and how to optimise the upside.
• Provide suggestions for increasing water and energy recovery in water-scarce cities.

The focus throughout is China, the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.

About the Authors


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Energy for water supply

Chapter 3 - Factors that may influence electricity use for water supply

Chapter 4 - Comparison of electricity for water supply between water sources and countries

Chapter 5 - Energy for wastewater treatment

Chapter 6 - Evaluating the environmental benefit and energy footprint of stricter wastewater standards

Chapter 7 - Reducing net energy use for water supply

Chapter 8 - Reducing energy for water distribution through pressure management and building layout

Chapter 9 - Reducing net energy use for wastewater treatment

Chapter 10 - Reducing energy use for water in water-scarce cities

Chapter 11 - A road map for reducing energy use in urban water supply



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