International Rainwater Catchment Systems Experiences: Towards water security


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Publication Date: 15/05/2020

Pages: 270

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789060577

eISBN: 9781789060584

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From time immemorial, people have been managing rain. The availability of water and water sources determined where people would be able to live. Adequate rainfall decided on the quality of agriculture. Technical advances and finance may have enabled societies to inhabit big cities and expand agriculture into dry areas, but only because of the resource rain provided through the water cycle.

Due to population growth, pollution, and climate change, water scarcity will be one of the most critical problems all around the world in the next 15 years. Today, around 10% of the world’s population lacks a proper water supply service. Harvesting rainwater and using it for drinking, domestic, industrial, and agricultural uses will help to supply quality water to urban and rural populations.

Divided into four sections, basic concepts, narratives of RWH, programs implemented by diverse sectors of society, and notable cases, the book summarizes experiences from 14 different countries all around the globe, developed and developing countries, urban and rural areas. The subject of this book is related to the promotion of different international rainwater experiences that provides sustainable water services and climate resilience, including technical aspects and socio-cultural and policy affairs.

This book was written for all people interested in sustainable rainwater management. Students, people just starting in the subject, and experts will find this book interesting as it creates an overview of rainwater harvesting practice and technology all around the world.

We encourage all readers to read these stories and arguments at your leisure. Some many ideas and techniques can be picked up and applicable for serving the last 10% that is waiting for water security and proper water service.

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Section 1: Basic Concepts

The importance of rainwater catchment systems

J. A. Gleason Espíndola and Y. Corona Sánchez

Section 2: Narratives of RWH

Chapter 1

Rain: Water for health, livelihood and self-reliance

H. A. Heijnen

Chapter 2

Harvesting the potential

B. Kniffen

Chapter 3

Transforming tradition of rainwater harvesting

in Sri Lanka

T.N. Ariyananda

Chapter 4

Rainwater catchment on Hawai‘i Island

Patricia S. Macomber

Chapter 5

Mexican rainwater harvesting movement in recent years

J. A. Gleason Espíndola, Y. Corona Sánchez and

C. Casiano Flores

Chapter 6

Harvesting rainwater: An adaptation strategy for peace and the climate crisis

M. Pacheco

Section 3: Programs

Chapter 7

Social enterprise on sky water harvesting for solving drinking water crisis in coastal areas in Bangladesh

M. Murase

Chapter 8

Catalyzing the widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting in Mexico city

D. M. Vargas and E. Lomnitz

Chapter 9

Promotion of rainwater harvesting as a business

A. Kikundwa Birungi

Chapter 10

Experience in sustainable management of rainwater for multiple purposes: Case in ten villages, gossas district, Senegal

S. Souleymane

Chapter 11

Rainwater harvesting for improved food security and environmental conservation; Experiences from Malawi

Macpherson Nthara

Chapter 12

Challenges and opportunities in the implementation of rainwater barrels. An analysis of usability for the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, México

V. L. Díaz and G. E. Muñoz

Section 4: Notable Technical Cases

Chapter 13

The success story of multi-purpose rainwater management system at Star City, Korea: Design, climate change adaptation potential and philosophy

Mooyoung Han

Chapter 14

Developing a national rainwater harvesting standard

E. W. Bob Boulware

Chapter 15

Stormwater management in transition in Brussels-Capital Region

Catalina C. Dobre

Chapter 16

Smart rainwater management and its impacts on drought resilience by Rural Semi-Arid communities: a case study of Northeast Brazil

J. Gnadlinger

Chapter 17

Every drip counts: Confusion of cause with effect in the climate debate

M. Schmidt

Chapter 18

The Calabash Cistern 5000 L in Africa

P. Akkerman



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