Treatment and Valorisation of Saline Wastewater: Principles and Practice


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Publication Date: 15/05/2021

Pages: 150

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789060638

eISBN: 9781789060645

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The treatment and valorisation of saline wastewater, from urban or industrial origin, is a complex issue. Nowadays, salinity constitutes a global issue in the wastewater management, as it is present in a wide range of polluted effluents.

The book will deal with those processes and technological alternatives that allow for the obtainment of effluents suitable for discharge or reuse purposes, and for the recovery of energy and other by-products.

Among the different wastewater sources, industrial sectors like fish canneries, oil refineries, pharmaceutical production, food processing will be considered. In addition, the performance of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) located in coastal areas, where marine intrusions into the sewage systems are common or which receive domestic water from households where seawater is used for flushing the toilets, will be evaluated.

In order to clarify the main points related to the treatment of saline effluents the contents of the present book will cover from basic information, regarding the performance of physical-chemical and biological aerobic, anoxic or anaerobic processes, to the definition of most efficient WWTP layouts to face the drawbacks of salinity in the wastewater treatment.

Covering the basics, the book is of interest to academic staff. In addition,  practical information will also be provided which will prove  useful for plants operators, either for urban or industrial wastewater treatment.



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