Water-Wise Cities and Sustainable Water Systems: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications


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Publication Date: 15/12/2020

Pages: 400

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789060751

eISBN: 9781789060768

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Building water-wise cities is a pressing need nowadays in both developed and developing countries. This is mainly due to the limitation of the available water resources and aging infrastructure to meet the needs of adapting to social and environmental changes and for urban liveability. This is the first book to provide comprehensive insights into theoretical, systematic, and engineering aspects of water-wise cities with a broad coverage of global issues. The book aims to (1) provide a theoretical framework of water-wise cities and associated sustainable water systems including key concepts and principles, (2) provide a brand-new thinking on the design and management of sustainable urban water systems of various scales towards a paradigm shift under the resource and environmental constraints, and (3) provide a technological perspective with successful case studies of technology selection, integration, and optimization on the “fit-for-purpose” basis.

About the Authors


Part I: Water Management Concepts and Principles

Chapter 1 - Pathways towards sustainable and resilient urban water systems

Guangtao Fu and David Butler

Chapter 2 - Water-wise cities and sustainable water systems: Current problems and challenges

Xiaochang C. Wang and Li Luo

Chapter 3 - Chinese version of water-wise cities: Sponge City initiative

Nanqi Ren, Xiuheng Wang and Shunwen Bai

Chapter 4 - US version of water-wise cities: Low impact development

Peter T. Weiss, John S. Gulliver and Ali Ebrahimian

Chapter 5 - Australian case of water sensitive city and its adaptation in China

Kefeng Zhang, Miao Wang, Xiuyu Li and Jiukun Hu


Part II: New Paradigm of Systems Thinking and Technology Advances

Chapter 6 - Water cycle management for building water-wise cities

Xiaochang C. Wang and Li Luo

Chapter 7 - Resilient infrastructures for reducing urban flooding risks

Maria Pregnolato, Dawei Han, Anna Lo Jacomo, Raffaele De Risi, Jitendra Agarwal and Jing Huang

Chapter 8 - Building resilience in water supply infrastructure in the face of future uncertainties: Insight from Cape Town

Upeshika Heenetigala, Leon Kapetas and Richard Fenner

Chapter 9 - Advances in experimental modelling of urban flooding

M. Rubinato, C. Lashford and M. Goerke

Chapter 10 - Integrated modelling and control of urban wastewater systems

Fanlin Meng and Ramesh Saagi


Part III: Practices of Water-Wise Cities and Sustainable Water Systems

Chapter 11 - Practices of ‘Sponge City Construction’ in China

Nanqi Ren, Xiuheng Wang, Jiazhuo Wang, Qionghua Zhang and Xiaochang C. Wang

Chapter 12 - LID-BMPs for urban runoff pollutant source control

Mingyi Jia and Haifeng Jia

Chapter 13 - Water quality improvement for upgrading urban landscapes

Qiang He, Caihong Liu, Ziwei Chen, Riuxing Huang and Xiaoliu Huangfu

Chapter 14 - Constructed wetlands for urban water ecological improvement

Mawuli Dzakpasu, Yucong Zheng and Xiaochang C. Wang

Chapter 15 - Boscastle case of flash flood modelling and hazards reduction

Ioanna Stamataki

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