Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery


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Publication Date: 16/07/2019

Pages: 250

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789060928

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Over 80% of globally produced wastewater receives little or no treatment before it is disposed into the environment. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new wastewater treatment technologies that are sustainable in the broad sense of the word, i.e. not only produce high quality effluents, but also minimise energy expenses, recover energy and nutrients, and apply technology that is appropriate in relation to the availability of skilled personnel.

This book compiles the main outcomes of recent efforts to improve the design of waste stabilisation ponds, and confirms the superior performance of high rate algal ponds as a result of process intensification. Anaerobic digestion devoted to biogas production continues to be the preferred strategy for the energy valorisation of the algal biomass, co-digestion with multiple high C/N ratio substrates gathering significant attention over the past years. The potential of algal biomass as a biosorbent for heavy metal removal (Cu, Ni, F) maintains its share in the research field of water bioremediation, while research on nutrient removal has focused on providing new insights on the mechanism of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater in algal–bacterial systems. Finally, it is worth noticing that breakthroughs in complementary fields of research such as nanotechnology or lighting technology are gradually being implemented in algal biotechnology, with new products such as nanoparticles for water disinfection or photobioreactors illuminated by low intensity LED panels.

In Focus – a book series that showcases the latest accomplishments in water research. Each book focuses on a specialist area with papers from top experts in the field. It aims to be a vehicle for in-depth understanding and inspire further conversations in the sector.

1  Editorial: Algal technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery
Raul Muñoz, Hardy Temmink, Anthony M. Verschoor and Peter van der Steen
3  Comparison of the treatment performance of a high rate algal pond and a facultative waste stabilisation pond operating in rural South Australia
Neil Buchanan, Paul Young, Nancy J. Cromar and Howard J. Fallowfield
12  Energy recovery in high rate algal pond used for domestic wastewater treatment
Paula Peixoto Assemany, Maria Lúcia Calijuri, Eduardo de Aguiar do Couto, Fernanda Pereira da Silva and Mauro HenriqueBatalha de Souza
20  Investigation and modelling of high rate algal ponds utilising secondary effluent at Western Water, Bacchus Marsh Recycled WaterPlant
Digby Wrede, Syed U. Hussainy, William Rajendram and Stephen Gray
31  Pond walls: inclined planes to improve pathogen removal in pond systems for wastewater treatment?
A. L. Hawley and H. J. Fallowfield
37  Exploring the influence of meteorological conditions on the performance of a waste stabilization pond at high altitude with structuralequation modelling
Long T. Ho, Duy T. Pham, Wout Van Echelpoel, Andres Alvarado, Juan E. Espinoza-Palacios, Maria B. Arevalo-Durazno and Peter L. M. Goethals
49  Tilapia rearing with high rate algal pond effluent: ammonia surface loading rates and stocking densities effects
I. A. Sánchez, R. K. X. Bastos and E. A. T. Lana
57  Microalgae cultivation in agro-industrial effluents for biodiesel application: effects of the availability of nutrients
Mariana Daniel Tango, Maria Lúcia Calijuri, Paula Peixoto Assemany and Eduardo de Aguiar do Couto
69  Microalgae cultivation for wastewater treatment and biogas production at Moscow wastewater treatment plant
N. Shchegolkova, K. Shurshin, S. Pogosyan, E. Voronova, D. Matorin and D. Karyakin
81  Improved methane yield from wastewater grown algal biomass
Mohit Thawani, Nidhi Hans, Saurabh Samuchiwal and Sanjeev Kumar Prajapati
92  Enhanced biogas production potential of microalgae and swine wastewater using co-digestion and alkaline pretreatment
K. Panyaping, R. Khiewwijit and P. Wongpankamol
103  Biogas from mono- and co-digestion of microalgal biomass grown on piggery wastewater
P. Carminati, D. Gusmini, A. Pizzera, A. Catenacci, K. Parati and E. Ficara
114  Start-up of a microalgae-based treatment system within the biorefinery concept: from wastewater to bioproducts
Enrica Uggetti, Joan García, Juan Antonio Álvarez and María Jesús García-Galán
125  Co-digestion of microalga-bacteria biomass with papaya waste for methane production
Glenda Cea-Barcia, Jaime Pérez and Germán Buitrón
132  Valorization of waste micro-algal biomass–collected from coke oven effluent treatment plant and evaluation of sorption potential forfluoride removal
Gargi Biswas, Philips Prince Pokkatt, Aratrika Ghosh, Biswajit Kamila, Kalyan Adhikari and Susmita Dutta
147  Removal of copper from an electroplating industrial effluent using the native and modified spirogyra
Nimra Ilyas, Sadia Ilyas, Sajjad-ur-Rahman, Sidra Yousaf, Aqsa Zia and Sidra Sattar
156  Effective adsorption of nickel (II) with Ulva lactuca dried biomass: isotherms, kinetics and mechanisms
Jianyou Long, Xiaona Huang, Xiaoli Fan, Yan Peng and Jianrong Xia
165  Microalgal luxury uptake of phosphorus in waste stabilization ponds–frequency of occurrence and high performing genera
A. Crimp, N. Brown and A. Shilton
174  Enhanced nitrogen removal and energy saving in a microalgal–bacterial consortium treating real municipal wastewater
P. Foladori, S. Petrini, M. Nessenzia and G. Andreottola
183  Photosynthetic oxygenation for urine nitrification
Maarten Muys, Joeri Coppens, Nico Boon and Siegfried E. Vlaeminck
195  Outdoor flat-panel membrane photobioreactor to treat the effluent of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor. Influence of operating, design, and environmental conditions
J. González-Camejo, R. Barat, M. V. Ruano, A. Seco and J. Ferrer
207  Activity assessment of microalgal-bacterial consortia based on respirometric tests
S. Rossi, M. Bellucci, F. Marazzi, V. Mezzanotte and E. Ficara
216  Exploiting symbiotic interactions between Chlorella protothecoides and Brevundimonas diminuta for an efficient single-step urban wastewater treatment 
Martina Pastore and Eleonora Sforza
225  Treatment of food waste digestate using microalgae-based systems with low-intensity light-emitting diodes
Andrés Felipe Torres Franco, Scarlet da Encarnação Araújo, Fabiana Passos, Carlos Augusto de Lemos Chernicharo,César Rossas Mota Filho and Cleber Cunha Figueredo
235  Synthesis, characterization and application of green seaweed mediated silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) as antibacterial agents for water disinfection
D. Dixit, D. Gangadharan, K. M. Popat, C. R. K. Reddy, M. Trivedi and D. K. Gadhavi


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