Sustainable Eco-technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment


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Publication Date: 15/03/2020

Pages: 226

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789061369

eISBN: 9781789061376

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One of the major challenges in the world is to provide clean water and sanitation for all. With 3% fresh water reserves in the earth, there are more than 1 billion people who still lack access to clean drinking water. The declining water quality has not only reduced the life expectancy of humans, but it has also contributed to the deleterious negative impacts on aquatic/marine life, flora, fauna and the ecosystem. However, with rapid technological advancements and the availability of advanced scientific instruments, there has been substantial improvement in the design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems. Recently, these sustainable eco-technologies have been designed and operated to offer the following advantages: (i) a smaller footprint, (ii) less maintenance, (iii) >99% removal of contaminants, (iv) provides the option for resource recovery, (v) less energy consumption, (vi) minimal use of chemicals, and (vii) less investment and operational costs. This book highlights the technologies used for the removal of pollutants such as dyes, uranium, cyanotoxins, faecal contamination and P/N compounds from water environments, and shows that ecotechnologies are becoming more and more important and playing critical role in removing a wide variety of organic and inorganic pollutants from water.

In Focus – a book series that showcases the latest accomplishments in water research. Each book focuses on a specialist area with papers from top experts in the field. It aims to be a vehicle for in-depth understanding and inspire further conversations in the sector.

Editorial: Sustainable eco-technologies for water and wastewater treatment
Eldon R. Rene, Li Shu and Veeriah Jegatheesan

Technogenic metallic elements in biomass and their effects on biomass product properties
Edita Baltrėnaitė, Pranas Baltrėnas and Donald Huisingh

Bacterial community analysis of sulfate-reducing granular sludge exposed to high concentrations ofuranium
Taotao Zeng, Shiqi Zhang, Wei Liao, Hualong Ma, Piet N. L. Lens and Shuibo Xie

Removal of cyanotoxins in drinking water using ozone and ozone-hydrogen peroxide (peroxone)
Guhankumar Ponnusamy, Lijo Francis, Kavithaa Loganathan, Oluwaseun O. Ogunbiyi, Saad Jasimand Jayaprakash Saththasivam

Photocatalytic degradation of Irgalite violet dye using nickel ferrite nanoparticles
Shiljashree Vijay, Raj Mohan Balakrishnan, Eldon R. Rene and Uddandarao Priyanka

Decolorization of Reactive Blue 220 aqueous solution using fungal synthesized Co3O4 nanoparticles
Riya Sidhikku Kandath Valappil, Ajuy Sundar Vijayanandan and Raj Mohan Balakrishnan

Anthropogenic markers for source tracking of fecal contamination in Bayou Lafourche: a major drinking water source in Southeast Louisiana, USA
Stacy Martinez, Marilyn Kilgen, Angie Corbin, Rajkumar Nathaniel, Balaji Ramachandran and Raj Boopathy

Assessment of drinking water quality in regional New South Wales, Australia
S. T. M. L. D. Senevirathna, Andrea M. Goncher and Aaron Hollier

Stress response and toxicity studies on zebrafish exposed to endosulfan and imidacloprid present in water
Barzah Muazzam, Kashif Munawar, Imtiaz Ahmad Khan, Sarwat Jahan, Mazhar Iqbal, MuhammadRafique Asi, Abida Farooqi, Adila Nazli, Ijaz Hussain and Mazhar Iqbal Zafar

Phytoremediation of nitrate contaminated water using ornamental plants
S. Shyamala, N. Arul Manikandan, Kannan Pakshirajan, Van Tai Tang, Eldon R. Rene, Hung-Suck Park and Shishir Kumar Behera

Design and operation of submerged layer in bioretention for enhanced nitrate removal
Junyu Zhang, Rajendra Prasad Singh, Yunzhe Liu and Dafang Fu

Experimental study on filter media using locally available materials in bioretention
Feikai Yang, Rajendra Prasad Singh and Dangfang Fu

Nitrogen removal performance of microbial fuel cell enhanced bioretention system
Yajun Wang, Rajendra Prasad Singh, Junyu Zhang, Yan Xu and Dafang Fu

Removal of low-concentration phosphorus by efficient phosphorus removal composite-based ecological floating beds
Yan Liu, Juanjuan Lv and Rajendra Prasad Singh

Endogenous respiration process analysis between aMBR and UV/O3-aMBR for polluted surface water treatment
Lu Li, Kang Song and Chettiyappan Visvanathan

Optimization method for joint operation of a double-reservoir-and-double-pumping-station system: a case study of Nanjing, China
Zhihao Gong, Xiaohong Jiang, Jilin Cheng, Yi Gong, Xing Chen and Haomiao Cheng 

Economic and environmental impact analysis of ammoniacal nitrogen removal from landfill leachate using sequencing batch reactor: a case study from Czech Republic
R. Badri Narayan, B. I. Zargham, Audrey Ngambia and Arlieza R. Riyanto

Remediation of groundwater contamination from an old, non-functional landfill in Hořkovec open castmine, Czech Republic
Adyl Anvarov, Adelaida Pelaez Angel, Beatriz Felices Rando and Jimena Lazaro Gil

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