Integrated Functional Sanitation Value Chain: The role of the sanitation economy


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Publication Date: 15/05/2022

Pages: 250

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789061833

eISBN: 9781789061840

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It has been suggested that sanitation could boost local economies and global interconnections with a growing recognition that the private sector can play a bigger role in delivering the SDG for sanitation, and help businesses understand value-added and product opportunities. An in-depth understanding and management of value-added activities’ stages and linkages will provide the knowledge required to drive towards a sanitation economy. This book, therefore,  proposes a pathway towards re-thinking the sanitation value chain. It suggests that the value chain should cover all processes, activities and products of enterprises/actors in the supply chain that provide value-added core and ancillary materials and services within each stage based on their functions and interconnectivity. It views the sanitation value chain as a market-based approach where value is added at different stages of operations, management and supply, and is different from sanitation service chain that trails different stages of basic service delivery. Following the Regenerative Sanitation Principles, the book presents a new perspective to the sanitation value chain known as the ‘integrated functional sanitation value chain’ (IFSVC) to address operational functions within sanitation systems in combination with sanitation enterprises, operators and external actors that could support the growth of the sanitation economy and governance. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is to explore the concept of IFSVC using case studies, value chain mapping and analysis, finance and business models, among others, in an attempt to identify and examine practical and operative linkages that capture various functions at different stages of activities within different enterprises and production services as well as innovative design processes, and production that lead to the final market and end users. The book showcases some up-to-date and applicable cases and global supply chain avenues within safely-managed sanitation ventures and how this builds a sanitation economy.

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