Bioanalytical Tools in Water Quality Assessment - 2nd Edition


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Publication Date: 15/06/2021

Pages: 462

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789061970

eISBN: 9781789061987

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The first edition of Bioanalytical Tools in Water Quality Assessment was released in 2012. The field has exploded since and the second edition updates and reviews the application of bioanalytical tools for water quality assessment including surveillance monitoring. The book focuses on applications to water quality assessment ranging from wastewater to drinking water, including recycled water, as well as treatment processes and advanced water treatment. Emerging applications for other environmental matrices are also included. Bioanalytical Tools in Water Quality Assessment, Second Edition not only demonstrates applications but also fills in the background knowledge in toxicology/ecotoxicology needed to appreciate these applications.  Each chapter summarises fundamental material in a targeted way so that information can be applied to better understand the use of bioanalytical tools in water quality assessment.

The book can be used by lecturers teaching academic and professional courses and also by risk assessors, regulators, experts, consultants, researchers and managers working in the water sector.  It can also be a reference manual for environmental engineers, analytical chemists and toxicologists.

Detailed descriptions of dose-response assessment, data reporting, mixture modelling and quality assurance/quality control are complemented by a series of online resources and tools to apply some of the principles and data methods explained in this book. This supplementary information is available at

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Acknowledgements (First Edition 2012)

Acknowledgements (Second Edition 2021)

Chapter 1 - Introduction to bioanalytical tools in water quality assessment

Chapter 2 - Risk assessment of chemicals

Chapter 3 - Water quality assessment and whole effluent toxicity testing

Chapter 4 - Modes of action and toxicity pathways

Chapter 5 - Toxicity pathways of chemicals in humans

Chapter 6 - Adverse outcome pathways of chemicals in aquatic organisms

Chapter 7 - Dose–response assessment

Chapter 8 - Mixtures

Chapter 9 - In vitro assays for the risk assessment of chemicals

Chapter 10 - Current bioanalytical tools for water quality assessment

Chapter 11 - Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)

Chapter 12 - Sampling, sample preparation and dosing

Chapter 13 - Design of test batteries and interpretation of bioassay results

Chapter 14 - Case studies

Chapter 15 - Application of bioanalytical tools beyond water: Sediment and biota

Chapter 16 - A promising future for bioanalytical tools




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Peta Neale

Frederic Leusch

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