Hospital Wastewater Treatment: Global scenario and case studies


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Publication Date: 15/07/2022

Pages: 250

ISBN13: 9781789062618

eISBN: 9781789062625

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The features of hospital wastewater (HWW) are identical to domestic wastewater in general, but a subset of HWW includes toxic/nonbiodegradable/infectious contaminants. The hospital effluents include a wide range of chemicals utilized in medical, laboratory, and study settings, as well as patient excreta. Antibiotics, lipid inhibitors, among other medications and their metabolites are among the wastes. This book will help in understanding through the case studies from around the globe how to deal with HWW effectively, as well as help Governments to modify laws relating to it.


Chapter 1
Health risk associated with hospital effluents
Aarfa Queen, Mohammad Yusuf, Abdul Qadir and Sakina Aamir

Chapter 2
Pharmaceuticals measurements and estimation methods
Nastaran Mozaffari, Ştefan Ţălu, Niloofar Mozaffari, Mika Sillanpää, Viola Vambol and Sergij Vambol

Chapter 3
Occurrence of COVID-19 virus in hospital wastewater: treatment pathways and sustainability aspects
Biswajit Debnath, Ruchitha K. Birawat, Khushbu K. Birawat and Anisha Modak

Chapter 4
Bioremediation of pharmaceutical effluent by food industry and agricultural waste biomass
Parisa Ziarati, Maryam Mokhtarzadeh, Viola Vambol, Sergij Vambol, Barbara Sawicka, Alaa El Din Mahmoud and Nadeem A. Khan

Chapter 5
Case studies of hospital effluent in urban treatment plants of other countries (USA/Canada)
Ana G. Pazmino-Sosa, Nishana P. Ramsawak and Nastaran Mozaffari

Chapter 6
Groundwater contamination by hospital effluent with a focus on carbamazepine and sulfamethoxazole
María Alejandra Villa Arroyave, Mariana Gómez Ospina, María Alejandra Cruz Bolaños, Thiago Victor Medeiros do Nascimento and Jan Willem Foppen

Chapter 7
Case studies of hospital effluent in Ukraine urban treatment plants
Kravets Natalia and Trach Iryna

Chapter 8
Sri Lanka National Hospital (NHSL) wastewater treatment
Tino Christen Bogdana Marinova, Reto V. Schulthess and Roland Metzler

Chapter 9
Hospital wastewater treatment scenario in India
Rishi Rathi

Chapter 10
Hospital wastewater treatment in Nepal: Status, challenges and future perspectives (case studies of effluent management in Nepal)
Amrita Gautam, Krishna Ram Yendyo, Prabina Shrestha, Isha Manandhar, Sagar Kunwar, Sudan Panthi and Anish Ghimire

Interview Section 
Rowe Michels, Rick McGregor, Shannon Spurlock


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