Water treatment and reuse is the key strategy to address the problems of water shortages. This book deals with various problems and investigates different treatment technologies concerning water reuse. In response to the challenges of severe water shortages and the deterioration of water quality, the focus on cutting-edge technology and systems for water treatment and reuse is fast-growing worldwide. Progress is needed to provide high quality reclaimed water, minimize the risks to environment and human health, and support use of non-conventional water resources.

In Focus – a book series that showcases the latest accomplishments in water research. Each book focuses on a specialist area with papers from top experts in the field. It aims to be a vehicle for in-depth understanding and inspire further conversations in the sector.

Editorial: Cutting-edge technology and systems for water treatment and reuse
Peng-Kang Jin, Ying-Xue Sun, Can Wang, Huang Huang and Yin-Hu Wu

Revealing the membrane fouling mechanism caused by the denitrification filter effluent during ozonation by model assessment
Yuan Bai, Yin-Hu Wu, Xin Tong, Yun-Hong Wang, Nozomu Ikuno, Wei Wang, Yu-Long Shi and Hong-Ying Hu

Investigations on the fouling characteristic of humic acid and alginate sodium in capacitive deionization
Huizhong Zhang, Jiayu Tian, Xiujuan Hao, Dongmei Liu and Fuyi Cui

Microcoagulation improved the performance of the UF–RO system treating the effluent from a coastal municipal wastewater treatment plant: a pilot-scale study
Tong Yu, Chenlu Xu, Feng Chen, Haoshuai Yin, Hao Sun, Lihua Cheng and Xuejun Bi

Advances in efficient desalination technology of capacitive deionization for water recycling
Yuhao Tong, Shuang Zhou, Jun Zhou, Guanteng Zhang, Xiaolin Li, Chunxia Zhao and Pengyan Liu

Aggravated biofouling caused by chlorine disinfection in a pilot-scale reverse osmosis treatment system of municipal wastewater
Li-Wei Luo, Yin-Hu Wu, Yun-Hong Wang, Xin Tong, Yuan Bai, Gen-Qiang Chen, Hao-Bin Wang, Nozomu Ikuno and Hong-Ying Hu

The removal efficiencies and mechanism of aniline degradation by peroxydisulfate activated with magnetic Fe-Mn oxides composite
Lin Qiao, Yu Shi, Qingli Cheng, Bingtao Liu and Jing Liu

Photocatalytic degradation of hydrocarbons and methylene blue using floatable titanium dioxide catalysts in contaminated water
T. Schnabel, N. Jautzus, S. Mehling, C. Springer and J. Londong

Application of an integrated dissolved ozone flotation process in centralised fracturing wastewater treatment plant
Zhuodi Yao, Xin Jin, Jingwen Liang, Rui Wang, Pengkang Jin, Guangping Li, Liushuan Yao and Zhe Wang

Adsorption of tylosin in wastewater by iron-rich farmland soil and the effect of iron reduction and commoncations
Luoying Lin, Xingbao Hu, Jianming Liang, Zhujiang Huang, Guangwei Yu and Yunxiao Chong

Feeding preparation strategy for the supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) system for disposing of liquid hazardous waste
Bo Wang, Meng Lu, Lixin Zhao, Zhezhou Zhang, Yihua Zhao and Songyan Qin

1,4-dioxane degradation using a pulsed switching peroxi-coagulation process
Yaobin Lu, Hualei Shi, Jialiang Yao, Guangli Liu, Haiping Luo and Renduo Zhang

Recycling of rural abandoned constructed wetlands: mariculture wastewater treatment
Yu Xin, Lin Liu, Lili Wei, Xu Huang and Chaoxiang Liu

Copper removal from semiconductor CMP wastewater in the presence of nano-SiO2 through biosorption
Xiaoyu Wang, Gude Buer, Wei Fan, Lei Gao and Mingxin Huo

Influence of light quality on Chlorella growth, photosynthetic pigments and high-valued products accumulation in coastal saline-alkali leachate
Xiao-ya Liu, Yu Hong and Wen-ping Gu

Seasonal variations of pollutants removal and microbial activity in integrated constructed wetland–microbial fuel cell systems
Xiaoou Wang and Yimei Tian

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