Anaerobic Digestate Management


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Publication Date: 15/07/2022

Pages: 460

ISBN13: 9781789062748

eISBN: 9781789062755

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The book aims to analyse and discuss the conventional and emerging treatments of digestate generated in the anaerobic treatment of organic waste. Thus, in the circular economy framework, the book will address up-to-date strategies for the treatment and resource recovery from anaerobic digestate.

Anaerobic digestion is an expanding technology nowadays, especially when considering the thrust in ongoing research on the value-added products and energy recovery from biomass wastes, i.e., sludges, agro-industrial waste, animal waste, food waste and organic fraction of municipal solid waste, etc. Anaerobic digestate is a leftover and waste management authorities across the world do not have so many options for digestate management except using the digestate for land application as a fertilizer or composting. However, researchers and field engineers are still looking for robust options for digestate management. Thus, a timely book on digestate management will be an invaluable addition to this domain. The key features of the book include: the broad range of biomass waste covered, discussion of conventional to advanced technological options, and the inclusion of successful case studies.

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Chapter 1
Anaerobic digestate management: an introduction
Felipe Guilayn and Gabriel Capson-Tojo

Chapter 2
Anaerobic digestate as fertilizer for land application
Julie Jimenez

Chapter 3
Valorization of digestate from anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste
Mai Sofia, Barampouti Elli Maria, Malamis Dimitris and Moustakas Konstantinos

Chapter 4
Management of digestate from anaerobic digestion of municipal sludge 
Umme Sharmeen Hyder, Farokhlaqa Kakar, Frances Okoye and Elsayed Elbeshbishy

Chapter 5
Valorization of anaerobic digestate from microalgal treatment
Ahmed Tawfik

Chapter 6
Nutrient recovery from anaerobic digestate
Minh T. Vu, Luong N. Nguyen, Johir A. H. Mohammed, Jakub Zdarta, M. Mofijur, Nirenkumar Pathak and Long D. Nghiem

Chapter 7
Ammonia recovery from anaerobic digestate
Vinay Pratap, Nitesh Machrika, Bholu Ram Yadav and Sunil Kuma

Chapter 8
Renewable fuels recovery from anaerobic digestate
Nongmaithem Debeni Devi, Sutapa Das, Angana Chaudhuri and Vaibhav V. Goud

Chapter 9
Value-added hydrochar recovery from anaerobic digestate for environmental applications
Parmila Devi, Huan Liu, Ibrahim Alper Basar and Cigdem Eskicioglu

Chapter 10
Anaerobic digestate pre-treatments for enhanced energy and resources recovery
Barbara Ruffino, Giuseppe Campo and Alberto Cerutti

Chapter 11
Effect of digestate recirculation on anaerobic digestion performance
Pallavi Gahlot, Kaoutar Aboudi and Vinay Kumar Tyagi

Chapter 12
Biochar-augmented anaerobic digestate treatment
Pallavi Gahlot, Kaoutar Aboudi, Ahmed Tawfik and Vinay Kumar Tyagi

Chapter 13
Hydrothermal post-treatment of anaerobic digestate
Donato Scrinzi, Roberta Ferrentino, Luca Fiori and Gianni Andreottola

Chapter 14
Anaerobic digestate for polyhydroxyalkanoates (bioplastics precursors) production 
M. R. Atelge, Hamdi Muratcobanoglu, David Krisa and A. E. Atabani

Chapter 15
Fate of emerging contaminants in anaerobic digestate
Ahmed Tawfik, Vinay Kumar Tyagi and Dominique Patureau

Chapter 16
Single-cell protein production using anaerobic digestate
Rongfen Chen and Yan Zhou

Chapter 17
Anaerobic digestate: pollutants, ecotoxicology, and legislation
Karel Diéguez-Santana, Cristhian Chicaiza-Ortiz, Jingxin Zhang and Washington Logroño

Chapter 18
Life-cycle assessment of various anaerobic digestate management technologies
Sridhar Pilli, Bella Kunnoth, Sagarika Mothe and Polisetty Venkateswara Rao

Chapter 19
Management of anaerobic digestate in a biorefinery advocating circular economy
Larissa C. Ampese, William Gustavo Sganzerla, Mauro Berni, Gilberto Martins and Tânia Forster Carneiro


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