Experimental Methods in Desalination and Water Treatment


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Publication Date: 15/05/2023

Pages: 400

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781789062960

eISBN: 9781789062977

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In recent years, the knowledge and understanding of membrane filtration for water treatment and desalination application have advanced extensively, embracing chemistry, microbiology, physical and bioprocess engineering, often involving advanced experimental laboratory work and techniques. Many of these experimental methods are now applied as reliable tools in field research and practice at piloting, design and operational stages.

Information on innovative experimental methods is scattered across scientific literature and only partially available in the form of scientific papers or guidelines. This book aims to give a comprehensive overview of all relevant methods, presenting innovative experimental methods developed by research groups and practitioners around the world and broadly applied in research and practice into one extensive book.

With contributions by researchers/experts from both academia and industry in more than 12 countries all over the world, the book will cover experimental methods in membrane processes such as: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, membrane distillation as well as methods and tools for assessing fouling (particulate, organic, inorganic, biological), scaling, CFD modelling, and membrane autopsies.

The book targets undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, laboratory staff, plant operators, engineers, consultants, and other sector professionals.

The publication is supported by IHE-Delft and Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

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