The impact of climate change on water resources is a research area that is gaining prominence, and concerns the prediction of rainfall, temperature, streamflow/discharge, and other meteorological variables.

This book is intended to help researchers and other relevant stakeholders working in this area. Its chapters deal with estimation of runoff, floods and droughts, intensity-duration frequency (IDF) curves and evapotranspiration (ET). In addition, some of the miscellaneous topics related to hydrology are also included.

In Focus – a book series that showcases the latest accomplishments in water research. Each book focuses on a specialist area with papers from top experts in the field. It aims to be a vehicle for in-depth understanding and inspire further conversations in the sector.

Editorial: Impact of climate change on hydrology and water resources
Takeshi Takama, Muhammad Bilal, K. Srinivasa Raju

Naturalized streamflows and Affluent Natural Energy projections for the Brazilian hydropower sector for the SSP2-4.5 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios of the CMIP6
Marx Vinicius Maciel da Silva, Cleiton da Silva Silveira, Samuellson Lopes Cabral, Antonio Duarte Marcos Junior, Greicy Kelly da Silva, Carlos Eduardo Sousa Lima

Projected changes in temperature and precipitation over mainland Southeast Asia by CMIP6 models
S. Supharatid, J. Nafung, T. Aribarg

Response of climate change impact on streamflow: the case of the Upper Awash sub-basin, Ethiopia
Salih Duri Abdulahi, Brook Abate, Arus Edo Harka, Sead Burhan Husen

Evaluating the Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Hydrology of Ribb Catchment, Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia
Dessalegn Worku Ayalew, Tirusew Asefa, Mamaru Ayalew Moges, Sileshie Mesfin Leyew

Hydrological impacts of climate and land-use change on flow regime variations in upper Indus basin
Kashif Haleem, Afed Ullah Khan, Sohail Ahmad, Mansoor Khan, Fayaz Ahmad Khan, Wisal Khan , Jehanzeb Khan

Response of runoff in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River to climate change
Kebi Yang, Ting Chen, Tianqi Ao, Xu Zhang, Li Zhou, Danyang Gao

Evaluating the impact of climate change on surface water resources in the upper Ganjiang River Basin, China
Peibing Song, Chao Wang , Gongbo Ding, Jiahui Sun, Lingzhong Kong, Mengtian Lu, Xiaohui Lei, Hao Wang

Future climate change and impacts on water resources in the Upper Blue Nile basin
Gebiyaw Sitotaw Takele, Geremew Sahilu Gebrie, Azage Gebreyohannes Gebremariam, Agizew Nigussie Engida

Quantification of the hydrological consequences of climate change in a typical West African catchment using flow duration curves
Stephen Oppong Kwakye, András Bárdossy

Perception of the inhabitants of the department of Caldas, Colombia on the effects of climate change on water quality
Jenny Paola Ríos Hernández, Olga Lucía Ocampo López, Paula Tatiana González Pérez, Fabián Guillermo Gaviria Ortiz, Victoria Salazar Gil

Impacts of urbanization and climate change on water quantity and quality in the Carp River watershed
Baba-Serges Zango, Ousmane Seidou, Majid Sartaj, Nader Nakhaei, Kelly Stiles

Effects of environmental factors on the methane and carbon dioxide fluxes at the middle of Three Gorges Reservoir
Yu Qin, Yujia Gou, Zongtai Yu, Wei Tan

Research on water environmental capacity accounting of the Yongzhou Section of Xiangjiang River Basin based on the SWAT-EFDC coupling model
Li Wu, Zhe Chen, Xuan Ding, Hui-ying Liu, Dun-qiu Wang

Potential influence of climate and land-use changes on green water security in a semi-arid catchment
Alireza Abbasi, Mahdi Amirabadizadeh, Amirhosein Aghakhani Afshar, Mostafa Yaghoobzadeh

Modeling the effects of land-use and climate change on the performance of stormwater sewer system using SWMM simulation: case study
Salam Naje Hussain, Haider M. Zwain, Basim K. Nile

Flood season segmentation and scheme optimization in the Yellow River
Ke Zhou

Flood risk assessment in Ya'an, Sichuan, China based on the emergy theory
Xiaolong Shu, Yufeng Ren, Zhe Duan, Xing Liu, Xiaojun Hua, Huike Lei

Assessing the impacts of climate change on drought-prone regions in Bhima sub-basin (India) using the Standard Precipitation Index
Rajashekhar S. Laddimath, Nagraj S. Patil, P. S. Rao, Nagendra

Ecological drought and its state assessment: a case study in the Yellow River estuary
Jinliang Zhang, Bojun Liu, Libin Yang, Liyuan He, Xinyi Cao, Guangwen Shao

Impact of meteorological drought on agriculture production at different scales in Punjab, Pakistan
Muhammad Waseem, Tahira Khurshid, Adnan Abbas, Ijaz Ahmad, Zeeshan Javed

Disaggregation of future GCMs to generate IDF curves for the assessment of urban floods
H. Tayşi, M. Özger

Temporal change of extreme precipitation intensity–duration–frequency relationships in Thailand
N. Yamoat, R. Hanchoowong, S. Sriboonlue, A. Kangrang

Remote sensing inversion characteristic and driving factor analysis of wetland evapotranspiration in the Sanmenxia Reservoir area, China
Shiyan Wang, Chang Liu, Yiqian Tan, Jie Wang, Fei Du, Zhen Han, Zhi Jiang, Liang Wang

An estimation of the evapotranspiration of typical steppe areas using Landsat images and the METRIC model
Jun Wang, Heping Li, Haiyuan Lu

Temporal and spatial variations of extreme precipitation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area from 1961 to 2018
Yueying Zhou, Zhijian Luo, Shenlin Li, Zufa Liu, Yanpeng Shen, Wenshan Zhuo

Deterministic and probabilistic projections and their credibility in analyzing future precipitation variations in the Yellow River Basin, China
Zhouliang Sun, Yanli Liu, Jianyun Zhang, Hua Chen, Zhangkang Shu, Tiesheng Guan, Guoqing Wang, Junliang Jin, Zhenxin Bao, Cuishan Liu

Prediction of S12-MKII rainfall simulator experimental runoff data sets using hybrid PSR-SVM-FFA approaches
Sandeep Samantaray, Dillip Kumar Ghose

Runoff modeling in Kolar river basin using hybrid approach of wavelet with artificial neural network
Deepak Kumar Tiwari, Hari Lal Tiwari, Raman Nateriya

Multi-scale investigation on streamflow temporal variability and its connection to global climate indices for unregulated rivers in India
Pavan Kumar Yeditha, Tarun Pant, Maheswaran Rathinasamy, Ankit Agarwal

Variability and trends of climate extremes indices from the observed and downscaled GCMs data over 1950–2020 period in Chattogram City, Bangladesh
Lia Pervin, Md. Sabbir Mostafa Khan

Performance Assessment of six Bias Correction Methods Using Precipitation and Temperature Data of observed and RCM model at upper awash basin: Case study of Akaki River basin, Oromia, Ethiopia
Bekan Chelkeba Tumsa

Spatiotemporal variations in the elasticity of runoff to climate change and catchment characteristics with multi-timescales across the contiguous United States
Xinglong Gong, Aiqi Xu, Shuping Du, Yuehan Zhou

Urban water dissipation calculation based on the improved water balance models
Ke Zhou

Holocene environmental evolution history based on sporopollenin and micropaleontological reconstruction of KY-01 in the Yellow River Delta
Wang Kui-Feng, Yu Xue-Feng, Xia Jiang-Bao, Xu Shu-Jian, Zhang Tai-Ping, Xu Yan, Zhang Hong-Jun

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