Intermittent Water Supply: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions


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Publication Date: 15/10/2023

Pages: 88

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ISBN13: 9781789064247

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Intermittent Water Supply is common in the majority of countries in South Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. There are different factors that cause intermittency in water systems such as natural, technical and financial scarcity as well as user behaviour and institutional aspects.  Intermittent access to water can have consequences on public health and social equity. Intermittent Water Supply systems are considered as failing systems that are not sustainable in the long-term. A lot of work has been done by researchers and practitioners to better understand these systems, to improve their operation and management, and eventually their conversion to continuous water supply systems.

This book addresses the challenges, opportunities and solutions of IWS systems. Authors highlight the importance of these topics and provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing IWS systems. The book is an important contribution to the ongoing efforts to address the challenges of IWS systems and the chapters within it provide valuable insights for researchers and practitioners.

In Focus – a book series that showcases the latest accomplishments in water research. Each book focuses on a specialist area with papers from top experts in the field. It aims to be a vehicle for in-depth understanding and inspire further conversations in the sector.

Editorial: Intermittent water supply: challenges, opportunities and solutions
Raziyeh Farmani, Bambos Charalambous, Kara L. Nelson, Joe Dalton

Does intermittent supply result in hydraulic transients? Mixed evidence from two systems
John J. Erickson, Kara L. Nelson, David D. J. Meyer

Impact of intermittent supply on water meter accuracy
Marco Ferrante, Dewi Rogers, Josses Mugabi, Francesco Casinini

Assessing the deteriorating water quality in wards of Jaipur city through GIS interpolation
Rukshar, Anil Dutt Vyas, Nitu Bhatnagar

Review of hydraulic modelling approaches for intermittent water supply systems
Dondu Sarisen, Vasilis Koukoravas, Raziyeh Farmani, Zoran Kapelan, Fayyaz Ali Memon

Intermittent water supply in Indian cities: considering the intermittency beyond demand and supply
Suchismita Satpathy, Rohit Jha

Hydraulic modeling approach for evaluating the performance of flow-starved water transmission networks
Abhishek Kumar Sinha, Anujkumar Ghorpade, Om Damani, Pradip P. Kalbar

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