Process Benchmarking in the Water Industry

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Publication Date: 01/03/2002

Pages: 62

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781843390107

eISBN: 9781780402918

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Free market mechanisms increasingly influence former monopoly sectors such as water and wastewater services with requirements for more transparency and efficiency. Small and large-scale consumers alike demand greater insight into how drinking water tariffs are structured and into the level of service.

Public and private shareholders require guarantees on water supply at a reasonable price, with the requisite quality (both of service and product) and reliability together with careful eco-management. Developing sound policies requires information on key industry issues such as water resources, public health, water services, the environment and the cost of providing the level of the service demanded by customers and regulators. 

The objective is to develop generally accepted procedures and methodologies able to provide decision makers with an overall perception of the utility performance as a sound basis for making strategic choices. This requires the definition of a reference framework for Performance Indicators and Benchmarking methodologies, as well as adequate models of aggregation that fit the basic needs of the key types of user.

The Task Force on Performance Indicators (operating within the IWA Operation and Management Specialist Group) and the Task Force on Benchmarking (operating within the IWA Statistics and Economics Specialist Group) were set up with the remit to develop the definition of such a common language.

This Manual aims to present well-devised guidelines for establishing a management tool based on the use of Process Benchmarking methodologies that will allow future systematic and rigorous performance comparisons to be made within the water industry.

Main benchmarking experiences in a water context
How far we are on benchmarking
Benchmarking methodologies in the Netherlands and the Nordic countries
One coherent philosophy for two different approaches
Process Benchmarking approach
Key numbers and definitions
Relations between process benchmarking and performance indicators
Introduction letter and questionnaires

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