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The purpose of this book is to disseminate contemporary knowledge and practical experiences concerning problems and solutions related to urban hydrology and drainage. Although the main focus is on developing countries, the book draws from experiences in many other parts of the world. Based upon numerous practical examples and case studies, the book provides information to assist in the management, planning and engineering design processes.
Urban Stormwater Management in Developing Countries covers a wide range of methods and approaches to improve the understanding and ability of local stakeholders to solve stormwater problems within the framework of integrated urban water management. As well as structural interventions, the book describes various non-structural approaches for flood mitigation and pollution control.
This book encourages the reader to adopt an integrated approach towards stormwater management and considers the importance of institutional arrangements, participation of local stakeholders in planning, as well as aspects of financing and cost recovery.

This comprehensive and topical book:

  • Addresses the broad range of issues related to urban stormwater management with a specific focus on developing countries.           
  • Covers the main aspects of planning, design, operation and maintenance of urban drainage systems as well as socio-economic and institutional issues related to urban stormwater management.           
  • Presents structural and non-structural approaches for flood mitigation and pollution control within an integrated water resource management framework.           
  • Provides extensive examples and case studies of "best practice".


  1. Urbanisation and urban hydrology
  2. Impacts of flooding on society
  3. Integrated framework for stormwater management
  4. Institutional structures and policies
  5. Planning for urban stormwater management
  6. Approaches to urban drainage system design
  7. Ecological approaches to urban drainage system design
  8. Applications of computer models
  9. Operational performance and maintenance
  10. Flood mitigation and response strategies
  11. Participation and partnerships
  12. Economics and financing

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