Handbook on Particle Separation Processes


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Publication Date: 19/09/2011

Pages: 288

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781843392774

eISBN: 9781780400969

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Particles in water play an important role in all kinds of water quality and treatment issues. Since the early beginnings of centralised water production and treatment, the main goal of water purification was primarily the removal of water turbidity in order to produce clear water free from visible particles.

The Handbook on Particle Separation Processes provides knowledge and expertise from a selected group of international experts with a wealth of experience in the field of particles and particle separation in water and wastewater treatment.

The Handbook on Particle Separation Processes includes an edited selection of presentations and workshops held at the academic summer school Particle Separation in Water and Wastewater Treatment, organised under the supervision of the IWA Specialist Group Particle Separation.



A. van Nieuwenhuijzen and J. van der Graaf

Characterization of Aquatic Particles
M. Boller and R. Kaegi

Characterization Profiling of NOM- as a Basis for Treatment Process Selection and Performance Monitoring
G. Amy, S. Sharma, S. Salinas Rodriguez, S. Baghoth and S. Maeng

Technologies for the removal of natural organic matter
H. Ødegaard, S. Østerhus, E. Melin and B. Eikebrokk

Advanced Physical Chemical Treatment by Flocculation
Y. Watanabe

Dissolved Air Flotation
M.Y. Han

Characterising the Membrane Filtration Process of Wastewater
J. van der Graaf, S. Geilvoet and J. Roorda

Enhanced Flocculation/ Sedimentation Process by a Jet-Mixed Separator
Y. Watanabe

Particle Behaviour and Removal in a Rainwater Storage Tank and Suggestions for Operation
J.S. Mun and M.Y. Han

Direct Membrane Filtration of Wastewater
A. Ravazinni, A.F. van Nieuwenhuijzen and J.H.J.M. van der Graaf




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