Non-traditional Indicators of System Performance

WERF Report DEC2R06

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Publication Date: 10/03/2010

Pages: 300

ISBN13: 9781843392897

eISBN: 9781843392897

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The use of real-time sensors and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems has become commonplace in large centralized wastewater treatment systems. On-line sensors and SCADA systems have not been widely used in smaller decentralized systems, possibly due to perceptions of high cost for installation and maintenance, and perceptions of poor reliability. However, the cost effectiveness and reliability of the technology has been demonstrated in larger systems and should be transportable to smaller clustered, decentralized systems.

The research project is focused on assessing on-line sensing and data acquisition technologies applicable for use in decentralized wastewater treatment systems to provide real-time information on the performance and operational status of the facility.

The results of this study will be documented to provide a guide to wastewater facility managers, operators and designers for selecting real-time sensors and SCADA systems for decentralized wastewater treatment facilities. Improved remote monitoring and operating of these facilities should provide facilities with a cost-effective means to manage and improve the performance of decentralized wastewater treatment plants.

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