Governance and Management for Sustainable Water Systems


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Author(s): Neil S Grigg

Publication Date: 06/12/2010

Pages: 204

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781843393467

eISBN: 9781780401508

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Increasing global pressure on water resources requires many actions from governments and individuals to achieve sustainable levels of water use.   These involve management tasks such as project development and utility operation, but the degree of interdependence among the many participants in water management is so great that additional regulatory and coordination mechanisms are needed to control water development and uses.

This book is designed to be the introductory work in the new Governance and Management for Sustainable Water Systems Series. It introduces the subject of governance of water systems and illuminates relatively unexplored topics of water resources management.The material is practical but advanced in the sense that theories of industry organization, governance, and institutional analysis are applied in new ways. 

New case study applications are provided in the book and help the reader to understand how their disciplines apply to water management.  The case studies are drawn from each sector and region in the world,  including cases from the U.S.A., Europe, the Middle East, South America and a global case to cover water system privatization. 




Professor Neil S Grigg, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, USA 

Water management goals and challenges?; Value of water to contribute to the greatest good for society and the environment; Water management tasks (planning, development, monitoring, finance; Governance: why needed and how it should work Institutional framework for water management; Water law and the regulatory process; Organizations in water management; Sector governance:  River basin management; Sector governance:  Water supply; Sector governance:  Wastewater and water quality;  Sector governance:  Irrigation and drainage; Sector governance:  Instream flow management; Sector governance:  Flood disaster management;  Finance, pricing, and economic regulation; Public-private relationships; Stewardship and social responsibility

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Neil S Grigg

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