International Trade in Water Rights

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Author(s): Aline Baillat

Publication Date: 14/06/2010

Pages: 256

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781843393610

eISBN: 9781780401522

Categories: Policy & governance

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International Trade in Water Rights provides a new approach to the questions raised by international water transfer projects:  to whom does water belong? More precisely, what rules should govern international water transfers from transboundary watercourses? These issues are usually studied through the lenses of international trade law. International Trade in Water Rights offers a new approach by highlighting the fundamental issue of domestic and international water property regime and introducing the difference between trade in water and trade in water rights.

International Trade in Water Rights analyses the conditions under which market-based instruments could participate in the resolution of water disputes over international watercourses and recommendations are made based on the study of two cases of inter-state water trading in the Colorado River Basin and in the Murray Darling Basin.

It is argued that the recognition of water as an economic good in domestic water reform will increasingly impact the management of international watercourses.

The book is of key interest to water professionals, economists, lawyers, and political scientists dealing with transboundary disputes over water.

Water Reforms: The International Recognition of Water as an Economic Good; Evolution of Water Rights and Domestic Water Reforms; Water Market Systems. Trade in Water and International Water Law: The Property Regime of International Watercourses; The Relationship between International Trade Law and International Water Law.  Market-Based Solutions along International Watercourses: Economic Approaches to International Water Disputes; Colorado River Basin Case Study; Murray-Darling Basin Case Study; Conclusion

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Aline Baillat

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