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Publication Date: 24/11/2010

Pages: 196

Binding: Paperback

ISBN13: 9781843393702

eISBN: 9781780401553


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The complex dimensions of the Mediterranean freshwater resources, their fragility and their scarcity have been highlighted and have received considerable attention as a primary priority issue politically, technically and scientifically. Membrane technology, with its different applications in water treatment (desalination, potable water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse) has showed to be a powerful tool to abate the water crisis in the Mediterranean region.

The primary objective of Membrane Technology in Water Treatment in the Mediterranean Region is to support the current research and development activities in membrane technology focused on water treatment in the Mediterranean area, providing an international stage to local research organisations and universities devoted to the development of membrane technologies in the following areas: municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, surface water purification and brackish and sea water treatment for drinking purpose.

It covers the identification, mapping and evaluation of the on-going research, in order to propose future research and co-operation strategies.

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