Finnish Water Services: Experiences in Global Perspective, the latest book by UNESCO Chair holder Tapio S. Katko, challenges the reader to assess critical sector issues:

Can 24/7 access to safe drinking water be taken for granted?
What threats does deterioration of water and sewage networks pose?
Who are responsible for providing and producing water services?
Why do many international water-related comparisons rank Finland among the top countries?

This book is a timely contribution to the discussion on water services. In addition to water professionals, Finnish Water Services: Experiences in Global Perspective is suitable for anyone interested in water and its use.


Selected reviews for Finnish Water Services in prominent publications:

European Journal of Development Research

Public Works Management and Policy

Scandinavian Economic History Review

Academy of Finland

Water Economics and Policy

Part I Water Problems, Solutions and Technology Development;  Introduction to the Importance of Water Services: Case of Finland;  Trends of International Water Policies from the 1940s to the 2020s;  History Matters: Major Turning Points in the Evolution of Water Services;4 Networking of Experts since the Early Days;  Continuous Debate: Selection of Appropriate Raw Water Source;  Water Efficiency: Will Water Use Per Capita Continue to Decline?;  Fit to Drink: Evolution of Water Treatment;  Demanding Challenge: Aging Water Networks; Environmental Protection: Towards Zero Effluents with Water Pollution Control; Part II Operational Environment and Economics of Water Services;  Ever-Changing Operational Environment;  Towards Customer- and Citizen-Oriented Water Services; Part III Institutional Development and Governance;   Institutional Framework and Increasingly Versatile and Complementary Legislation;  Competence through Education, Research and Development;  Professional and Voluntary Collaboration: Associations and Foundations;  Public and Private Sector Collaboration;  Changing International Water Arena; Part IV Societal Importance and Futures of Water Services;   Lessons Learnt: Societal Importance of Water Services;  Towards Futures: Quarter of a Millenium as a Timeframe;  Implications for International Cooperation and Policy;  Poetic Epilogue - Keep Services Rolling!  References

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