AQUA (soon to be relaunched as AQUA – Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society)  is pleased to announce the next paper in its Editor’s Choice series. These papers, specially selected by the new Editors-in-Chief Prof. Shuming Liu and Dr Pernille Ingildsen, will be made Open Access to allow them to be accessed by the maximum number of readers. Papers are chosen which particularly highlight interesting or new aspects of the journal’s scope.

This paper was chosen by Dr Pernille Ingildsen, who says: 

Monitoring water quality in rivers is a non-trivial task because it requires the monitoring of multiple parameters, where the parameters vary both with time and location in the river. This paper presents a framework observing a broad group of water quality indices: Water Quality Index (WQI), Comprehensive Pollution Index (CPI), Organic Pollution Index (OPI), Eutrophication Index (EI) and Trace Metal Pollution Index (TPI). The framework was applied for the river, including 22 monitoring points in both the dry and the rainy season and 63 pollution sources along the river. By means of cluster analysis, five groups of water quality along the river have been identified based on the indices. The cluster groups provide a method to aggregate the complexity of the situation in a way that forms a good starting point for a dialogue. From there, it will be possible to dig deeper into the data to understand the actual condition and the weight and importance of the sources for pollution. I like the approach for its ability to communicate a complicated and essential issue.

Read the first #OpenAccess AQUA Editor's Choice Paper here: 

Assessment of Cau River water quality assessment using a combination of water quality and pollution indices

Cao Truong Son, Nguyen Thị Huong Giang, Trieu Phuong Thao, Nguyen Hai Nui, Nguyen Thanh Lam and Vo Huu Cong

Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-Aqua (2020) 69 (2): 160–172


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