Benefits of peer-to-peer collaboration: IWA Publishing Author Services with Peerwith

IWA Publishing is partnered with Peerwith: author services in a secure marketplace environment. To explore some of the advantages of peer-to-peer author services, below we share the experience of Karen Bysouth, Peerwith expert and a specialist in science communication.

Karen has 20 years of experience as a researcher, but since 2010, she has combined her enthusiasm for the English language and science communication and established a career as an independent editor of research manuscripts. Karen is active on Peerwith, the smart platform for expert-led author services. Visit Karen on her expert page here:

Visit the IWA Publishing Author Services portal and post your request here: Karen might be the expert servicing you.

The IWA Publishing Author Services Portal


Why edit?

Effective communication of your scientific research is critical – “publish or perish” as they say! Peer-to-peer collaboration is essential in the original conception of a study and its design as well as in the practical generation of novel data. The final preparation of your manuscript for publication is no different, but can be harder to achieve in practice.

Language and copy editing are provided by a variety of agencies, with scientific editing usually offered as a separate service. Ideally, these services are most effective when offered in parallel by an expert in the specific field of your research who is either a native English speaker or has the same level of proficiency.


The essence of Peerwith

The Peerwith platform is designed to open up the channels of communication between authors and experts to optimize their manuscript for publication. In addition, while language and copy-editing are the core of all the editing services offered by experts through the Peerwith platform, these are provided in the context of extensive and specific scientific expertise.


The Peerwith process and its advantages

The process is simple and effective. Authors can review the credentials of all Peerwith experts before connecting directly with the expert of their choice. Alternatively, after providing a brief summary of their specific requirements, the request is passed to experts with experience in your field of research via the Peerwith dashboard. The author can then engage in a direct conversation with the Peerwith expert to arrive at a completely “personalized” service that fulfils their unique requirements. The availability of direct contact between authors and experts throughout the period of the collaboration ensures that any issues that may arise are dealt with promptly. This simplifies the process for the author as well as the editor – as a Peerwith expert, I value the ability to contact an author with specific questions to make sure I’m on the right track. 


IWA Publishing scientific editing

Scientific editing provided by Peerwith experts through the IWA Publishing Author Services portal, represents a comprehensive package of language and copy editing combined with a critical review of methods, data analysis and the logic of the arguments presented in the manuscript in the context of extensive expertise in a specific area of research.

Language editing is mainly required in the final stages of manuscript preparation or when an article has been accepted for publication following minor revisions. In this process, the punctuation, grammar and all typographical errors are corrected. In addition, the manuscript is edited to clarify meaning and remove unnecessary information. Rewriting is also carried out as required to improve the flow of the text and to conform to standard use of English. This is most effectively achieved with expert knowledge of both the field of research as well as the English language. This is where a collaboration with a Peerwith expert comes to the fore.

Copy editing comprises language editing combined with journal-ready formatting. Peerwith experts are themselves published authors and established editors who have first-hand experience of revising manuscripts to comply with the requirements for submission to your target journal set out in the Author Guidelines.

Like any other sector of the scientific community, Peerwith experts are located in many areas of the globe. I have edited manuscripts for clients from many countries including China, Japan, France, Spain, Denmark and Saudi Arabia. The Peerwith platform is indispensable in its ability to foster the effective collaborations between researchers and experts worldwide to achieve the successful communication of scientific progress.


Would you like to get help with your manuscript from an expert like Karen? Visit the IWA Publishing Author Services portal, powered by Peerwith, here:



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