IWA Publishing partners with DataSalon for sales reporting and publisher dashboards



IWA Publishing have adopted DataSalon’s cloud based service MasterVision to join together their wealth of sales, editorial and usage data to give a complete single customer view allowing for detailed reporting and dashboards illustrating key trends in submissions, usage and sales.

London, UK and Oxford, UK, 12th June, 2018—IWA Publishing (IWAP) announced today the adoption of DataSalon’s MasterVision platform in order to deliver comprehensive data reporting against the backdrop of a complex picture of customer data that encompasses relationships with numerous partners selling and distributing their industry leading journals. MasterVision joins up all of the IWAP’s different data sources and is easily scalable so that more can be added over time or changed as their business develops.

MasterVision empowers all staff to take control of their own data analysis with agile and flexible tools and direct access to key business intelligence. Publisher dashboards allow for clear visualization of trends in sales, article submissions, PPV purchases, usage and more. The integration of historic book data means that the IWAP team can incorporate all of their legacy data into one system, making for easy analysis without the need to access multiple databases. The lifetime performance of content can therefore be easily tracked.

The IWAP team will use MasterVision to assess sales performance of their books and journals via a suite of reporting options which consolidate sales data from numerous third parties. MasterVision’s analytics tools allow for further interrogation by granular categories such as price type, customer category and price region.

MasterVision provides IWAP with clear and powerful dashboard functionality, including the ability to control which staff see which reports immediately upon login. This allows for instant access to the most relevant data via pre-set searches, reports and dashboards.

IWAP was keen to partner with DataSalon because of their understanding of the scholarly publishing industry, data expertise and efficient and tailored customer service. Having a system that has been ‘tried and tested’ over 10 years, with a fast and collaborative implementation phase, has meant that IWAP staff could continue with day-to-day business, leaving all the complexities of data integration to the DataSalon team.

Margarita Lygizou, Marketing & Digital Development Manager at IWA Publishing, said: “We are very happy to be partnering with the team at DataSalon to find practical solutions to enable us achieve our goals. MasterVision is a fantastic tool that gives us better analytics more quickly and a deeper understanding of our customer base. We have enjoyed using MasterVision’s functionality, developing dashboards and reports, and look forward to seeing the benefits it delivers to our business”.

Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon commented: "We're delighted to be working with IWA Publishing. MasterVision’s powerful dashboards and flexible reporting options will mean the IWAP will have the wealth of their customer data at their fingertips for fast and detailed analysis.”


About DataSalon

DataSalon are the experts in customer insight for publishers. We clean and connect all of your data into a single customer view for every individual and institution (combining subscriptions, authors, usage, and more). We pride ourselves on excellent service, and our cloud-based product MasterVision is fast, flexible, and backed by first-class support. Many of the world’s biggest scholarly publishers rely on MasterVision to help drive new sales, inform future strategy, and provide accurate insight to the whole organization. www.datasalon.com.



Nick Andrews, Managing Director, DataSalon

Email: info [at] datasalon.com

Margarita Lygizou, Marketing & Digital Development Manager, IWA Publishing

Email: mlygizou [at] iwap.co.uk

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