Thanks to the kind support of the Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ), 5 more papers from the Water Quality Research Journal have been made Open Access

10 papers from the 2019 issue of the journal were already selected for OA, you can read these here. 

The Water Quality Research Journal is the official journal of the association. 

Read the Editorial: 'L'avenir est prometteur. L'avenir est ouvert!' (The future is bright, the future is open!)

Browse the papers below: 

Impact of mixing intensity on dissolved oxygen half-velocity constants in a sidestream deammonification environment

Biao Xie, Chao Jin and Wayne J. Parker

Development of a water quality index for watercourses downstream of harvested peatlands

Hermine Betis, André St-Hilaire, Claude Fortin and Sophie Duchesne

Evaluation of the Crosta method for the retrieval of water quality parameters from remote sensing data in the Pearl River estuary

Feng Gao, Yunpeng Wang and Yuanzhi Zhang

Effects of habitat and pulp and paper mill contamination on a population of brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans)

Gillian Z. MacDonald, Natacha S. Hogan and Michael R. van den Heuvel

Prediction of dissolved oxygen in urban rivers at the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: extreme learning machines (ELM) versus artificial neural network (ANN)

Senlin Zhu and Salim Heddam





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