Today is World Wetlands Day! 

Nearly 90% of the world’s wetlands have been degraded since the 1700s, and we are losing wetlands three times faster than forests. 

World Wetlands Day is the ideal time to increase people’s understanding of these critically important ecosystems.

Brush up on your wetlands knowledge by taking a look at some of our Open Access books on the topic: 


Environmental Technologies to Treat Rare Earth Elements Pollution: Principles and Engineering 
Edited by Arindam Sinharoy and Piet N.L. Lens
Published: January 2022

A Guide to Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Environmental Management: It Ain't Magic: Everything Goes Somewhere
By Andy Manale and Skip Hyberg
Published: February 2021

Sustainable Industrial Water Use: Perspectives, Incentives, and Tools
Edited by Cheryl Davis and Eric Rosenblum
Published: February 2021

Water-Wise Cities and Sustainable Water Systems: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications 
Edited by Xiaochang C. Wang and Guangtao Fu
Published: January 2021

Wetland Technology: Practical Information on the Design and Application of Treatment Wetlands
Edited by Günter Langergraber, Gabriela Dotro, Jaime Nivala, Anacleto Rizzo and Otto R. Stein
Published: January 2020


For journal articles, check out our collection of wetland focussed papers.

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