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IWA Publishing is pleased to announce that the 49th Editor's Choice Paper, chosen by Ivana Teodorovic, is now Open Access: 

Water quality impact from shrimp farming effluents in a tropical estuary

E. G. Bull, C. de L. da N. Cunha and A. C. Scudelari

Why was this paper chosen?

Marine aquaculture has become a very lucrative business with increasing production worldwide. However, recent literature mainly focuses on the environmental and ecological impacts of salmon and other cold or temperate zone species production. The impact of intensively increasing tropical aquaculture activities hasn’t so far attracted much attention. The paper by Bull and colleagues raises the awareness of the adverse impacts of shrimp farming in the tropics. The presented solution – oriented model for estimation and prediction of the impact of shrimp farm on water quality and eutrophication seems practical for coastal management. The model simulation underlined the importance of the careful consideration of harvest time and tidal cycle in tropical estuaries, where most of the shrimp farming facilities are located. The model presents a useful tool and facilitates selection of simple and inexpensive mitigation measures where and when relevant.

Ivana Teodorovi, Editor.

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