Decentralised Sanitation and Reuse

Decentralised Sanitation and Reuse

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, Decentralised Sanitation and Reuse places public sanitation in a global context and provides a definitive discussion of current state-of-the-art sanitation technologies. It shows how these technologies can be implemented to integrate domestic waste and wastewater treatment in order to maximize resource recycling in domestic practice.

Decentralised Sanitation and Reuse presents technical solutions for on-site collection and transport of concentrated waste streams, and focuses on the compromise between reliability and minimal water wastage. A whole range of available sustainable technologies, both low and high-tech, to treat concentrated (black water) and diluted (grey water) streams are addressed in detail from the fundamental scientific and engineering points of view.

Sociological, economic and, particularly, environmental and public health aspects are essential issues within this book. The necessity of new infrastructure implementation and the resulting challenges for a good number of economic branches are illustrated with examples from architecture and town planning.

Decentralised Sanitation and Reuse will be an invaluable resource for a wide academic and professional readership active in the fields of environmental protection and public sanitation.


  • The DESAR concept for environmental protection                                    
  • Waste and wastewater characteristics and its collection on the site                                    
  • Technological aspects of DESAR                                    
  • Environmental and public health aspects of DESAR                                    
  • Sociological and economic aspects of DESAR                                    
  • Architectural and urbanistic aspects of DESAR