Diffuse Pollution

Diffuse Pollution

Diffuse (non-point source) pollution is increasingly being recognised as a major source of water quality problems in both surface and ground water. Indeed, as pollution resulting from point sources is reduced by the efforts of regulators, diffuse sources frequently remain as the dominant source of pollution.                    

The book is an introductory text covering the nature, causes and the significance of diffuse pollution of both urban and rural origin. Best management practices to tackle the problems are examined as are the ways in which the adoption of such practices may be brought about. Use is made of case studies from several countries to examine the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches.

Diffuse Pollution covers both urban and rural sources.  

  • Urban sources include run-off from impermeable surfaces of roads, industrial areas and housing which may be contaminated by hydrocarbons, heavy metals, organic chemicals and other undesirable substances.                                       
  • Rural sources include water containing pollutants arising from agriculture and forestry such as plant nutrients, pesticides, microbes and soil itself.

This concise book will prove useful to practitioners in the field of pollution control both in an urban and a rural environment, to regulators, to researchers new to the field, and to academics and students. An extensive reference section aids the reader in exploring the subject further.


  • Diffuse pollution                                     
  • A Best Practice Approach                                     
  • An Introduction to BMPs for built environments
    Managing diffuse pollution from urban sources - a survey of best practice experience                                     
  • Rural BMPs                                     
  • Rural best practice experience                                     
  • Regulation, Economic instruments, and Education for controlling diffuse pollution                                     
  • Sustainability

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